Taylor Polishing Cloth Suede review: specs & price

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Name Brillant Gold BathLa Tromba AG MPC Clean 1lHagerty Leather CareHofmann Care Oil for PanpipesSlide O Mix Water Sprayer 10mlBrillant Silver BathBrillant Titanium & stainless steelHagerty Jewel Dry Wipes 25 pcsLa Tromba AG Pan Flutes OilLa Tromba AG Air Fresh
Description Gold Dip BathLeather CareWater spray bottleSilver Dip BathTitanium and Stainless Steel CleanerCleaning ClothsOil for PanpipesCleaning spray
Contents200 ml----200 ml-25 cloths--
For Lacquered Instruments
For Silver Plated Instruments
For Woodwinds
For Brass instrument
Content--250 ml---125 ml-22 ml80 ml

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. The retail price is 6.74 £.


For Lacquered InstrumentsYes
For Silver Plated InstrumentsYes
For WoodwindsYes
For Brass instrumentYes

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