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Expansion Card

The Tascam IF-AE16 is an Expansion Card with a AES/EBU expansion card for Tascam [email protected]/EBU 1-8 I/O & 9-16 I/O.

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Name Yamaha MY16CIITascam IF-AE16DiGiCo DMI Madi BNC CardTascam IF-AE24XAMS Neve 8816 AD CardLynx Studio LT-DANTE Module Aurora & HiloFriendchip DigiMax MAESMytek Digital 8x192 FireWire DIO CardMytek Digital 8x192 Madi DIO CardYamaha MY8 DA96Mytek Digital 8x192 USB 2.0 DIO CardTascam IF-DA64Yamaha MY16ES 64Yamaha MY16 MD64Yamaha MY8 ATAvid Pro Tools MTRX MADI BaseunitAMS Neve 8801 ADC OptionTascam LA-MC 1Lynx Studio LT-HD Module for AuroraRME Madi Card I64
Description Network I / O cardExpansion CardMADI CardAES/EBU InterfaceAD Converter CardDANTE Expansion CardModule for Digimax 16/328 x192 Firewire DIO CardOptional Expansion CardD / A converter cardExpansion CardDante Interface Card16-Channel Ethersound Interface16 Channel MADI interfaceADAT InterfacePlug-In CardADCBalancing CardPro Tools ModuleExpansion Card
TypeMaufacturer RelatedADAT, AES, TDIFMIDIDigitalAnalogueDanteMaufacturer RelatedMaufacturer RelatedMIDIAnalogueUSB 2.0DanteMaufacturer RelatedDigitalDigitalMIDIDigitalMaufacturer RelatedPro Tools HDDigital

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The Tascam IF-AE16 is an Expansion Card with a AES/EBU expansion card for Tascam [email protected]/EBU 1-8 I/O & 9-16 I/O. The retail price is 578.43 £.



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