Tama 14"x5,5" Metalworks Bl. Steel

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Name Tama MP1455ST 14x5,5" Mike PortnoyDS Drums 14"x06" Rebel Steel SnarePearl 14"x3,5" Free Floating SteelColour Your Drum 14"x5,5" Steel Snare ZebraDW 14"x6,5" Steel SnareDW 14"x5,5" Steel/Knurled BlackLudwig 14"x07" Heirloom Stain. SteelGretsch 14"x6,5" Brooklyn Chrome/SteelTama 14"x6,5" Snare Lars UlrichDW 14"x6,5" Titan Snare
Description Signature Snare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumTitanium Snare Drum
Depth in inch5,5"6"3,5"5,5"6,5"5,5"7"6,5"6,5"6,5"
Die Cast Hoop
Hammered Shell
Shell ColourBlackSilverSilverGraphicSilverBlackBrownSilverChromeSilver
Size--14" x 3.5"14" x 5.5"14" x 6.5"14" x 5.5"14" x 07"14" x 6.5"14" x 6.5"14" x 6.5"

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  • This Metalworks Black Steel Snare Drum offers a bright tone in high tunings and a smooth resonance in low tunings. A 1.2mm matte black shell has been crafted to provide a fold in the center of the shell for stability. Boiler hardware color has been adjusted to match the color of the boiler. All of our items have a 30-day right of return without additional Reason. Sheet music, reading material and software are non-returnable. The general terms and conditions of Zoundhouse GmbH& Co.KG apply. The European Union provides an online platform (OS platform) for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes When purchasing multiple items from us: Place the items in the shopping cart and select Request total from buyer at the top right. If you intend to buy multiple articles: Put them into your s.
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Tama Metalworks Black on Black Steel 14
  • Versatile steel shell. Sharp, cutting performance. The Tama Metalworks snare drum provides an impressively versatile sound for your drum kit. The 1.2mm steel shell produces a crisp, clean tone with a sharp pop at full dynamics. The enhanced high-end produces bright and cutting resonance.You could combine the 14'' x 5.5'' Metalworks snare with other Metalworks snare drums to create a diverse musical timbre, perfect for latin or drum n' bass grooves. Finished with a matte black shell and hardware, the Metalworks snare drums would be an effective and affordable addition to any kit.
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  • Ein 1,2mm mattschwarz gehaltener Kessel wurde so gefertigt, dass er eine Falz in der Mitte des Kessels als Stabilisierung bietet. - Snare wire: MS16R10S (14). - Shell Material: 1.2mm Steel in Matte Black Finish.
  • Item location: , DE

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Depth in inch5,5"
Die Cast HoopNo
Hammered ShellNo
Shell ColourBlack

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