T-Rex DC 20cm

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DC Cable

The T-Rex DC 20cm is a DC Cable with a With 2.1 mm plugs & 1x Straight and 1x angled (both female).

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Name Aalberg Audio Aero AE-1 Wireless ControllerRockboard PatchWorks Solderless Cable 6Cioks Stack Flex type 4Rockboard PatchWorks Solderless Cable 3Cioks 1022 Stack Flex Type 1Cioks 5030 Flex 5 CableCioks 5050 Flex 5 CableElectro Harmonix Pedalboard CradleCioks 6050 Flexi 6 CableRockbag 9/12V Cable 3,5-3,5
Description Wireless ControllerAudio CableAdapter CableAudio CableAdapter CableElectric CableElectric CablePedal MountingConnection Cable for 9V batteryElectric Cable
Length-6 m50 cm3 m50 cm30 cm50 cm-50 cmApproximately 50 cm
Braided, tinned copper screen-6 x 16 / 0.12 mm-6x 16 / 0.12 mm------
Working temperature--15 ° C to + 70 ° C--15 ° C to + 70 ° C------
Diameter-4 mm-4 mm------

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The T-Rex DC 20cm is a DC Cable with a With 2.1 mm plugs & 1x Straight and 1x angled (both female). The retail price is 8.55 £. Buy T-Rex DC 20cm at Thomann UK.


Length20 cm

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