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Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer

The Syrincs P43CWA is an Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer with a With DSP module, Plywood housing & Possibility for mounting caster wheels (casters are not...

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Name Nova M318SUBPresonus AIR18sdB Technologies DVA S 08 dpKS audio CB 18Solton AART BassdB Technologies DVA KS 10FBT Vertus CLA 118 SAdB Technologies DVA KS 20HK Audio Elements GALA Sub 1500 AdB Technologies Sigma S118 Sub
Description Active SubwooferActive SubwooferActive 12" Subwoofer with Bass Reflex PortActive 18" bass reflex subwooferActive 15" SubwooferActive 18" SubwooferActive Double 18" SubwooferActive SubwooferActive Subwoofer
Frequency range (-3 dB)34 Hz - 300 Hz30-150 Hz, adjustable--------
Dimensions (W x H x D)590 x 650 x 650 mm-------48 x 48.5 x 59.5 cm-
Weight42.5 kg38 kg23 kg37 kg31 kg43.4 kg-84 kg30.2 kg38 kg
Pole Mount
Woofer size1x 18"1x 18"1x 12"1x 18"1x 15"1x 18"1x 18"2x 18"1x 15"1x 18"
Power1600 W600 W800 W1200 W500 W900 W1200 W1800 W670 W1400 W
Equipment-18" Woofer with 3" voice coil------1x 15" speaker-
Maximum level-129 dB------129 dB-
Frequency range--40 - 150 Hz-45 - 70 Hz41 - 120 Hz-41 - 120 Hz-32 - 110 Hz
Max. SPL (sound pressure level)--131 dB------134 dB
Power rating--800 W RMS--900 Watt RMS-1800 Watt RMS--
Dimensions--520 x 360 x 500 mm540 x 540 x 660 mm420 x 520 x 540 mm515 x 640 x 720 mm-1100 x 580 x 700 mm-509 x 815 x 533 mm
Max. SPL-----134 dB-138 dB--
Optional cover-----Art.416583-Art.416585--

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The Syrincs P43CWA is an Active Bass Reflex Subwoofer with a With DSP module, Plywood housing & Possibility for mounting caster wheels (casters are not included, must be ordered separately). The retail price is 1206.21 £.


Equipped with3x 12" neodymium speakers
Power3000 W
Selectable operating modesCardioid and Endfire
Tripod / Stand flange mount2x M20
Dimensions (W x H x D)650 x 400 x 650 mm
Weight52 kg
ColourGrey / Black
Pole MountYes
Woofer size3x 12"

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