Superlux HD-681 Evo BK review: specs & price

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The Superlux HD-681 Evo BK is a Studio Headphones with a Dynamic, Circumaural (full size), Semi-open, 50 mm Driver, 3,5 mm Stereo mini-jack & Includes 1x 1m...

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Name Blue Ellabeyerdynamic DT-250/80 LTDFostex T20RP-Mk3 HeadphoneAIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Monitor PresetAKG K-175Fostex TH909Presonus HD7Superlux HD-662 WH EvoShure SRH1440AIAIAI TMA-2 ModularTonmeister Preset
Description HeadphonesStereo HeadphonesStereo HeadphonesHeadphonesStudio HeadphonesPremium stereo headphonesStudio headphonesStudio headphonesReference Recording & Mastering HeadphonesHeadphones
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz10 - 30,000 Hz--18 - 26,000 Hz-10 - 30,000 Hz-15 to 27,000 Hz-
Impedance50 Ohm, Active80 Ohms50 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms25 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms37 Ohms32 Ohms
Weight481 g-315 g without cable275 g250 g390 g (without cable)---275 g
Weight with cable-348 g------387 g-
Weight without cable-244 g------347 g-
System-Closed BackOpenClosed BackClosed BackOpenSemi OpenClosed BackOpenClosed Back
Frequency range-10 Hz – 30000 Hz15 Hz – 35000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz18 Hz – 26000 Hz5 Hz – 45000 Hz-10 Hz – 30000 Hz15 Hz – 27000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz
Replaceable Cable--
Sensitivity--92 dB-114 db SPL/V100dB / mW----
Cable length---1.5 m-3 m-2.5 m--
Sound pressure level---117 dB----101dBV-
SPL (sound pressure level)----104 dB/V----120 dB

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The Superlux HD-681 Evo BK is a Studio Headphones with a Dynamic, Circumaural (full size), Semi-open, 50 mm Driver, 3,5 mm Stereo mini-jack & Includes 1x 1m cable, 1x 3m cable, 6,3 mm Stereo mini-jack adapter, carry pouch and one extra pair of velour earpads. The retail price is 28.81 £.


Peak SPL98 dB
Impedance32 Ohms
Frequency Range10 - 30000 Hz
Maximum Power300 mW
Weight (excluding cable)276 g
SystemSemi Open
Frequency range10 Hz – 30000 Hz
Replaceable CableYes

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