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Tube Instruments - Preamp / DI Box

The Summit Audio TD-100 is a Tube Instruments - Preamp / DI Box with a Variable input impedance, Variable XLR and headphone output, Direct Out connection,...

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Name Sonifex Redbox RB-MA1 Mic PreampUK Sound 1073 Mic Pre EQTrident Audio A-RangeFredenstein F676Phoenix Audio Ascent One EQAMS Neve 4081 QuadMic PreampHeritage Audio DMA-73SPL Goldmike Studioset 3Avalon U5 Vovox BundleGrace Design M201
Description Professional Microphone Preamp2-Channel Channel Strip1-Channel Microphone Tube PreamplifierMono channel strip with preamp and EQ4-Channel Microphone PreampMicrophone PreamplifierSPL Goldmike 9844Avalon U52-Channel Microphone Preamp
Number of microphone inputs1-21142202
Instrument input -
Tubes -
Compressor/Limiter -
Equalizer -
De-Esser -
Phantom power -
Phase Reverse -
External effect loops -
Analogue OutputsXLR-XLR, jackXLRJackXLRXLRXLR, jackXLR, jackXLR
Digitale OutputsNone-0None-Optional-NoneNone0
Headphone connection -
Level Meter -
2 Microphone inputs--XLR------XLR
Format---9.5" / 2 U19"/ 1 RU----19"/ 2 HU

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Summit Audio Td-100 Instrument Preamp / Direct Box
  • This unique combination of of solid state and vacuum tube technology gives the TD-100 the benefits of both worlds: the high reliability and long life of solid state and the warm overtones associated with vacuum tubes.
  • Item location: Huonville, AU
Summit Audio TD-100 Tube Direct Instrument Preamp TD100
  • Excellent shape, fully functional.
  • Item location: Nashville, US
Summit Audio TD-100 Instrument Preamp And Direct Box NEW
  • Rack space. TRS line level outputs, plus variable input impedance, polarity switch and ground lift, signal and overdrive LEDs, and even a headphone output for use as a practice device. All with the quality that says Summit Audio.
  • Item location: Tucson, US
Summit TD100 Instrument Preamp and Direct Box
  • Maintain control of your sound in the most demanding audio environments. Get world class sound in the studio and on the road with the time-tested quality and rugged design of Summit gear. With 24dB of gain there is plenty of gain for boosting low output instruments and to drive different levels in a rig for tonal variety, with the stepped pot making it easy for you to instantly recall your ideal settings. One of the coolest features of the TD100 is its variable input impedance control, which lets you perfectly match it (or intentionally mismatch it!) to a wide variety of instruments and pickups, giving you the flexibility to actually change the sound of your instruments!
  • Item location: Madison, US

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Summit Audio TD-100 Instrument Preamp and Direct Box

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Summit Audio TD-100 Tube DI

SUMMIT AUDIO / 楽器用プリアンプTD100

Summit Audio TD100

Preamp Benchmarking.

Summit Audio 2BA-221 Mic and Line Preamplifier

SUMMIT AUDIO / チューブ・プリアンプ 2BA-221


The Summit Audio TD-100 is a Tube Instruments - Preamp / DI Box with a Variable input impedance, Variable XLR and headphone output, Direct Out connection, Switchable ground lift, Polarity switchable, Signal and Peak LEDs, One 12AX7A / ECC83 tube & Hand made in USA. The retail price is 490.92 £. Buy Summit Audio TD-100 at Thomann UK.


Format9.5" / 1 U
Number of microphone inputs0
Instrument inputYes
Phantom powerNo
Phase ReverseNo
External effect loopsNo
Analogue OutputsXLR
Digitale OutputsNone
Headphone connectionYes
Level MeterYes

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