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Eurorack Module

The Studio Electronics SEM Filter is an Eurorack Module with a Voltage controlled state variable filter, 12 dB/Oct, Adjustable frequency, resonance, LP-HP,...

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Name Analogue Solutions Defibrillator Blood VersionEMW VCF-OB12Studio Electronics 8106 FilterErica Synths Fusion VCF V2Roland System-500 521Doepfer A-123-2Doepfer A-120 Vintage EditionStudio Electronics SEM FilterAJH Synth Gemini 2412 Dual SVF blackEMW VCF S100
Description Analogue Dual FilterState Variable 12 dB/Octave VCFEurorack ModuleModule in Eurorack formatEurorack Module24 dB Low Pass 1 (VCF1)Eurorack ModuleEurorack moduleEurorack Module
Width38 TE / HP10 TE / HP12 TE / HP14 TE / HP16 TE / HP8 TE / HP8 TE / HP12 TE / HP28 TE / HP10 TE / HP
Power consumption-+ 12V (8mA) / -12V (8mA)+40 mA (+12 V) / -35 mA (-12 V)-40 mA (+12 V), 40 mA (-12 V)--+32 mA (+12 V) / -32 mA (-12 V)-8 mA (+12 V) / 8mA (-12V)
Depth-50 mm38 mm--45 mm65 mm (measured from the back of the front panel)40 mm-50 mm

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Studio Electronics SEM Eurorack VCF Module (Oberheim SEM)
  • The notch is the inverse of the bandpass, achieved by summing the low pass and high pass outputs. It has a modest current draw, which it pulls evenly from the plus and minus rails.". We wanted it that way; it’s perfectly harmless OpAmp smashing, for smashing good fun.
  • Item location: GLASGOW, GB
  • The Boomstar SEM V2 boasts two discrete VCOs, amplifiers and filters built from hand-matched transistors, and a snappy envelope section. Studio Electronics Boomstar SEM V2. The SEM V2 is a powerful semi-modular analog desktop synthesizer which features a filter modeled after the classic Oberheim 12dB filter (complete with sweepable low-pass through high-pass bands).
  • Item location: , US
Studio Electronics SEM VCF Multimode Filter EURORACK - NEW - PERFECT CIRCUIT
  • The SEM Filter from Studio Electronics is a variable state filter with simultaneous outputs for bandpass, lowpass, and highpass, all of which have a slope of 12db per octave. The notch is the inverse of the bandpass.
  • Item location: Burbank, US
JRR Sounds ATC-X SEM Studio Electronics Sample Set eDelivery JRR Shop
  • JRR Sounds ATC-X SEM Studio Electronics Sample Set. JRR SoundsATC-X SEM Sample Set. Image is a depiction of the original hardware only. JRR Sounds sample sets currently do not have GUI's with images.
  • Item location: Fountain Valley, US
Sem Semflex Studio TLR Camera with Som Berthiot Tele 5.4/150mm
  • Aperture is fully-functional. All shutter speeds are functional.
  • Item location: Praha 1, CZ

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The Studio Electronics SEM Filter is an Eurorack Module with a Voltage controlled state variable filter, 12 dB/Oct, Adjustable frequency, resonance, LP-HP, frequency CV1, resonance CV, input and output & Switchable filter tracking for full/half and filter modes BP/LP-HP. The retail price is 247.54 £.


InputsAudio, 1 V/O, frequency CV 1 and resonance CV
OutputsMain output, BP out
Width12 TE / HP
Depth40 mm
Power consumption+32 mA (+12 V) / -32 mA (-12 V)

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