Stradivarius Rosin

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The Stradivarius Rosin is a Colophon with a For Violin, Viola and Cello, Tujaholz Case & In the form of a violin.

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Name Gewa Old Master Light Gold DesignerGewa Artista Medium Mini RosinGeipel Golden Basic RosinGewa Old Master Chardonnay MiniGeipel Violin Rosin DarkPetz Soloist Violin Rosin LightRDM Mini RosinGewa Violin/Viola RosinGeipel Violin Rosin ClearGeipel Rosin dark in Cloth Pouch
Description RosinMini RosinGolden Basic RosinMini RosinViolin RosinRosinRosinRosinViolin RosinRosin

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Professional Viola Outfit Full size 15.5
  • In great condition, very sharp and bright sound for a 15.5" viola.
  • Item location: SOUTHAMPTON, GB
Bucur Ioan 4/4
  • Bucur Ioan 4/4 "Advanced" cello with bow, case and rosin Bucur Ioan violin master workshop Handmade from Transylvania, Romania Handmade by the master workshop Bucur Ioan from Transylvania/Romania Hand-painted according to an old Italian paint recipe Top strongly structured, massive, Romanian resonance spruce with clear annual rings Back/side/neck beautifully flamed Romanian sycamore maple Strings: JARGAR A and D, PRIM G and C, medium Tailpiece: WITTNER ULTRA fine tuner Stinger: Petz Stinger, Ebony Pear The cello is easy to play and responds well on Allen strings. Has a full, rich, but also clear, transparent sound. Visit us in our shop, we have a large selection of violin maker cellos from "student" to high-quality "master" quality, "the longest way is worth it, for sure" ... appointment d.
  • Item location: , DE

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The Stradivarius Rosin is a Colophon with a For Violin, Viola and Cello, Tujaholz Case & In the form of a violin. The retail price is 21.54 £. Buy Stradivarius Rosin at Thomann UK.



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