Stairville Steelwire Safety 500cm/6mm Bk review: specs & price

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Name Stairville Steelwire Safety 100cm/6mm BkStairville Steelwire Safety 100cm/5mmStairville Safety 100cm/3mm Black 9kgStairville Steelwire Safety 400cm/5mmStairville Steelwire Safety 500cm/6mmStairville Safety 60cm/1,5mm BlackStairville Safety 80cm/4mm Black 10kgStairville Safety 80cm/3mm Black 5kgStairville Steelwire Safety 100cm/4mmStairville Steelwire Safety 300cm/6mm
Description Safety Cable 100 cmSafety Cable SetSafety cord/cableSafety Rope 80 cm
Load capacity acc. to DGUV135,0 kg90,0 kg9,0 kg90,0 kg135,0 kg0,0 kg10,0 kg5,0 kg60,0 kg135,0 kg
Length100 cm100 cm100 cm400 cm500 cm60 cm80 cm80 cm100 cm300 cm
Diameter6 mm5 mm3 mm5 mm6 mm1,5 mm4 mm3 mm4 mm6 mm
Thimble on both sides
Open End
In one of the thimbles--Black quick link DIN 56926 - A - 90 opening width 5.5 mm---Black quick link to DIN 56926 - B - 90 opening width ca. 11.5 mmBlack quick link DIN 56926 - A - 90 opening width 5.5 mm--
Wire label--"Stairville max. 9 kg" according to DGUV directive 115-002 17 (ex. BGV C1)---"Stairville max. 10 kg" according to DGUV directive 115-002 17 (ex. BGV C1)"Stairville, max. 5 kg" according to DGUV regulation 115-002 17 (former BGV C1)--
Length from K-K--100cm----800 mm--


. The retail price is 22.91 £.


Load capacity acc. to DGUV135,0 kg
Length500 cm
Diameter6 mm
Thimble on both sidesNo
Open EndYes

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