Stairville Quick Link 4mm Typ 3GV review: specs & price

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Chain Emergency Link

The Stairville Quick Link 4mm Typ 3GV is a Chain Emergency Link with a Form B.

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Name Stairville Shackle 0,75 t HC2Stairville Quick Link 4mm Typ 1GVStairville Shackle 2,75t longStairville Shackle 1,0 t HC2Stairville O Ring A16Stairville O Ring A18 Black editionStairville Shackle 3,25 t HC2Stairville Shackle 2,0 t HC2Stairville Shackle 1,0 t longStairville Quick Link 6mm Typ 2GV
Description ShackleChain Emergency LinkShackleShackle shape HC2 camberedOval Suspension LinkOval Hanging ConnectionShackleShackle Shape HC2 camberedStainless Steel ShackleChain Link
Load-bearing capacity0.75 tons-2.75 tonnes-----1 t-
TypeShackleQuick LinkShackleShackleO-ringO-ringShackleShackleShackleQuick Link
Nominal size84161016181613106
Load capacity / Breaking strain75090030001000250033003250200010002000
FormHC2Form AHA1HC2--HC2HC2HA1Form A
Material diameter-4 mm-------6 mm
Opening-Approx. 5.5 mm------22 mmApprox. 7.5 mm


The Stairville Quick Link 4mm Typ 3GV is a Chain Emergency Link with a Form B. The retail price is 3.21 £.


Galvanized quick connectorDIN 56926 - B - 90
Material - Ø d 4 mm
Opening widthApproximately 11.5 mm
Breaking loadMinimum 900 daN
With stamped markingDIN 56926 - B - 90
Chain quick releaseNG 4 mm
TypeQuick Link
Nominal size4
Load capacity / Breaking strain900
FormForm B

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