Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si review: specs & price

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Light Stand Set

The Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si is a Light Stand Set with a Complete set suitable for small and medium stages, For light, effects, and much...

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Name Manfrotto 032BASE Autopole BaseManfrotto C-Stand Column 20Doughty T55511 Easy Lift BkManfrotto Autopole 077Manfrotto C-Stand Column 29K&M 24640 Lighting StandGator Frameworks Light MH 250 - 25Millenium SLTS09 Lighting StandManfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushionedK&M 17725Manfrotto Autopole 033B Extension TubeThon Wooden Floor Plates 10 PiecesManfrotto C-Stand BaseGator Frameworks Light MH 250 - 15Manfrotto A1045CS Avenger Combo Stand 45Gravity LS FloorRX BStairville Folding Floor Stand Bla BundleStairville BLS-315 Pro Lighting TV BundleManfrotto Avenger Roller 42 Low BaseManfrotto A1045B Avenger Combo Stand 45
Description Tripod Stand Base for AutopoleTripod ColumnCrank TripodAutopoleTripod columnLighting StandFour-legged light stand with shelfMiddle Lamp Stand with Cross BeamLight StandFloor Stand for SpotlightsAutopole Extension Tube10x Thon Wooden Floor Plate PAR CansTurtle BaseFour-legged light stand with shelfLight standFloor Stand for HeadlightsStairville Folding Floor Stand Black Ø16Stairville BLS-315 Pro Lighting Stand BLight Stand with Flat BaseLight Stand
MaterialAluminiumChrome-plated steel--Chrome-plated steelSteelPowder-coated steel---Aluminium-Chrome-plated steelPowder-coated steel---Steel/Magnesium compound--
Weight1.2 kg2.8 kg--3.3 kg12.68 kg-6.4 kg--0.69 kg0.4 Kg3.1 kg-13.0 kg--5.60 kg15.4 kg7.0 kg
Type de piedAutopoleLight standWind-up standAutopoleLight standLight standLight standLight standLight standFloor standExtensionFloor standFloor standLight standLight standFloor standFloor standLight standLight standLight stand
Incl. Bar
3 Sections (diameter-35/30/20 mm)--35/30/20 mm)---------------
Minimum height-95 cm--118 cm---------179 cm---166 cm179 cm
Maximum height-206 cm380 cm-285 cm---------450 cm---420 cm450 cm
Upper mounting-16 mm (5/8") spigot--16 mm (5/8") spigot---------------
Lower mount-28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot--28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot---------------
Support-Spigot 16 mm (5/8")28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)NoneSpigot 16 mm (5/8")30 mm tubePlate-28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)ScrewNoneNone28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)-28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)Screw16 mm Flange (5/8")36 mm tube28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)
Height (m)-0,95 m – 2,06 m3,80 m1,00 m – 1,70 m1,18 m – 2,85 m1,59 m – 4,02 m1,03 m – 1,83 m1,40 m – 3,20 m1,30 m – 3,35 m-2,00 m-0,27 m1,03 m – 1,83 m1,79 m – 4,50 m0,40 m-1,50 m – 3,15 m1,66 m – 4,20 m1,79 m – 4,50 m
Max Load (kg)--30,0 kg--20,0 kg45,0 kg20,0 kg40,0 kg----45,0 kg30,0 kg--30,0 kg40,0 kg30,0 kg
Transport height-----1.50 m--------155 cm---142 cm155 cm
Maximum load bearing capacity------45 kg------45 kg------
Height-------Adjustable from 140 - 320 cm----27 cm--40 mm-150 to 310 cm--
Top mounting--------------28 mm (1 1/8") Socket for TV spigots and 16 mm (5/8") spigots---28 mm (1 1/8") socket for TV spigots and 16 mm (5/8") spigots28 mm (1 1/8") Socket for TV spigots and 16 mm (5/8") spigots
Maximum load--------------30 kg---40 kg-
Diameter of center columns--------------30, 35, 40, 45 mm----30, 35, 40, 45 mm
Size of leg--------------25 x 25 mm---25 x 25 mm-
Maximum diameter of footprint------------------150 cm134 cm


The Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si is a Light Stand Set with a Complete set suitable for small and medium stages, For light, effects, and much more, The structure consists of two three-point trusses with a total width of 3 m, two light stands, and two truss mounts, Height adjustable from 1.5 m to 3.1 m, Allows the installation of up to 8 spotlights or effects & Due to its simple design, the set can be set up by one person in a very short time. The retail price is 128.07 £.


Diameter of the support (stand) tube28 mm
Diameter of the truss tube18 mm
Total weight of the set21 kg
Type de piedKit de fond
Incl. BarYes
Height (m)1,50 m – 3,10 m
Max Load (kg)60,0 kg

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