Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si review: specs & price

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Light Stand Set

The Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si is a Light Stand Set with a Complete set suitable for small and medium stages, For light, effects, and much...

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Name Manfrotto 032BASE Autopole BaseManfrotto C-Stand Column 20Doughty T55511 Easy Lift BkManfrotto Autopole 077Manfrotto C-Stand Column 29K&M 24640 Lighting StandGator Frameworks Light MH 250 - 25Millenium SLTS09 Lighting StandManfrotto 126 CSUAC Stativ air cushionedK&M 17725
Description Tripod Stand Base for AutopoleTripod ColumnCrank TripodAutopoleTripod columnLighting StandFour-legged light stand with shelfMiddle Lamp Stand with Cross BeamLight StandFloor Stand for Spotlights
MaterialAluminiumChrome-plated steel--Chrome-plated steelSteelPowder-coated steel---
Weight1.2 kg2.8 kg--3.3 kg12.68 kg-6.4 kg--
Type de piedAutopoleLight standWind-up standAutopoleLight standLight standLight standLight standLight standFloor stand
Incl. Bar
3 Sections (diameter-35/30/20 mm)--35/30/20 mm)-----
Minimum height-95 cm--118 cm-----
Maximum height-206 cm380 cm-285 cm-----
Upper mounting-16 mm (5/8") spigot--16 mm (5/8") spigot-----
Lower mount-28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot--28 mm (1 1/8") TV spigot-----
Support-Spigot 16 mm (5/8")28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)NoneSpigot 16 mm (5/8")30 mm tubePlate-28 mm Flange (for TV-spigot)Screw
Height (m)-0,95 m – 2,06 m3,80 m1,00 m – 1,70 m1,18 m – 2,85 m1,59 m – 4,02 m1,03 m – 1,83 m1,40 m – 3,20 m1,30 m – 3,35 m-
Max Load (kg)--30,0 kg--20,0 kg45,0 kg20,0 kg40,0 kg-

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The Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si is a Light Stand Set with a Complete set suitable for small and medium stages, For light, effects, and much more, The structure consists of two three-point trusses with a total width of 3 m, two light stands, and two truss mounts, Height adjustable from 1.5 m to 3.1 m, Allows the installation of up to 8 spotlights or effects & Due to its simple design, the set can be set up by one person in a very short time. The retail price is 127.07 £. Buy Stairville LB-3s Lighting Stand Set 3m si at Thomann UK.


Diameter of the support (stand) tube28 mm
Diameter of the truss tube18 mm
Total weight of the set21 kg
Type de piedKit de fond
Incl. BarYes
Height (m)1,50 m – 3,10 m
Max Load (kg)60,0 kg

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