Stairville DMX Cable Roll 5Pin 100m BL review: specs & price

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Name Cordial CCat 7A Long-RunCordial CDMX 234 BLSommer Cable Peacock AES/EBU Bluethe sssnake SDK 120 BLSommer Cable Monocat Power 110 CSommer Cable Mercator Cat.7Cordial CMD 8 AES/EBU CoreSommer Cable Mercator Cat.5 PURthe sssnake SDK 120 BKStairville AK Highflex Power Combi CableCordial CSP 1Stairville DMX Cable Roll 5Pin 100m BLSommer Cable Binary 234 AES/EBU MKII GRCordial CDMX 2Sommer Cable SC Isopod SO-F22 BLKStairville DMX Cable 3PinSommer Cable Monolith2 DMX/Combi 2,5mm²the sssnake SDK 120 BL 100mCordial CDMX 234Stairville DMX Cable Roll 5Pin 100m BK
Description Digital Multicore CableAES / EBU / DMX CableSymmetrical Twin CableDMX CableCombination LineCAT 7 cable8 - AES / EBU MulticoreCAT 5 PUR CableHigh-Quality DMX Cable (Sold By The Metre)Single Unit Switch CableDMX & AES/EBU MKII CableDMX CableBalanced patch cable (sold by the meter)3-Pin AK-HIGHFLEX DMX CableDMX Combination LineDMX CableDigital Control CableStairville 5Pin
Diameter-6 mm-----PUR-FRNC 6.2 mm----------6 mm-
Weight-50 g / m--240 g / 1 m---------16 g/m-----
Cross section------------2x 0.34 mm²-----2x 0.34 mm²-
Impedance------------110 Ohm110 Ohm------


. The retail price is 96.74 £.


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