SPL Qure Premium 9738-P review: specs & price

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Equalizer with Lundahl Transformers

The SPL Qure Premium 9738-P is an Equalizer with Lundahl Transformers with a 2x 3-Band equaliser with variable notch filters, Three independent, series...

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Name Summit Audio EQP-200 BEmpirical Labs El-Q Lil FrEQSSL X-Rack Stereo EQ ModuleBettermaker Mastering EqualizerTube-Tech ME 1B Midrange EqualizerSPL Qure Premium 9738-PSSL X-Rack Channel EQ ModulWES Audio LC-EQPSPL PassEQ redSSL X-Rack E-Series EQ
Description 2-Channel 4-Band Tubes EQ (passive)19" Mono EqualizerStereo EQ moduleStereo EqualizerTube equalizerEqualizer with Lundahl TransformersInstallation module for X-Rack / MynxPassive 1-Channel EqualizerPassive Dual-channel Mastering EQInstallation Module for X-Rack / Mynx
Frequency response5Hz-100kHz--5 - 30.0000 Hz (+/- 0.1 dB)----10 - 35,000 Hz-
Weight8.1 kg--5.5 kg3.8 kg--7 kg10.2 kg-
Frequency Bands44363342124
Height units2 U1 UModule2 U2 U2 U-2 U4 U-
Frequency range-5 Hz - 140 kHz-----5 Hz - 65 kHz (-3 dB)--
Dimensions----19" / 2U19" 2 U----

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The SPL Qure Premium 9738-P is an Equalizer with Lundahl Transformers with a 2x 3-Band equaliser with variable notch filters, Three independent, series connected parametric filters each side, Qure circuit (tube LCR circuit), Mid band with un-balanced "Non-Reciprocal Response" of boost/cut control, Variable input (-12 dB to +18 dB) and output (-7 dB to +4 dB), Hard-Bypass for each filter band and both cut filters, Master Relay-Hard-Bypass for all filters, All potentiometers stepped for quick recall, Central grounding, Precision CMRR (CCMR 80dB), Tube pre-heating to extend operation time & Oversized, integrated power supply. The retail price is 1900.33 £.


Lundahl input & output transformer (inputLL1540, LL1539 output)
Dimensions19" 2 U
Frequency Bands3
Height units2 U
ConnectorsJack, XLR

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