Soundman OKM II Classic Solo review: specs & price

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Electret Microphone

The Soundman OKM II Classic Solo is an Electret Microphone with a Omnidirectional & A3 Power adapter available on option.

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Name Audio-Technica AT8022the t.bone ST 40Superlux E531Roland WPM-10 Wear ProSoundman OKM II Classic SoloSoundman OKM II Classic/Studio SoloAudio-Technica AT2022Shure VP 88Royer Labs SF-24Superlux E523/D
Description Stereo Condenser MicrophoneCompact Stereo MicrophoneStereo Condenser MicrophoneStereo In-Ear MicrophoneElectret MicrophoneSelected PairMS Stereo Condenser MicrophonePhantom Powered Stereo Ribbon MicrophoneStereo Condenser Microphone
Battery Powered
Frequency range-100 up to 16,000 Hz100 Hz - 15 kHz20 - 20,000 Hz20 Hz - 20 kHz--40 - 20,000 Hz-30 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity-Mono -56 dB / stereo -46 dB--33.5 dB (0 dB = 1 V / Pa 1 kHz)------
Impedance-680 Ohm1000 ohms2k ohms-----200 Ohm
Peak SPL--110 dB------126 dB
Weight--110 g20 g-----340 g
Includes--Wind protection, micro-clamp, table base and adapter bushing-----Case, 5 m adapter cable and documentation in padded wood case5 m stereo signal cable, wind protection, micro-clamp and adapter bushing

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binaural  microphone
  • The rode interface. which is responsible for the stereo audibility will improve the transparency of. By positioning the microphones in the ears, recordings are possible which. ( 9 or higher ). an A3-XLR version to be used on recorders providing XLR-mic-in jacks and phantom.
  • Item location: Berlin, DE

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The Soundman OKM II Classic Solo is an Electret Microphone with a Omnidirectional & A3 Power adapter available on option. The retail price is 99.73 £. Buy Soundman OKM II Classic Solo at Thomann UK.


Colour codingBlue
Frequency range20 Hz - 20 kHz
Battery PoweredNo

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