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16-Channel Digital Mixer

The Soundcraft Ui16 is a 16-Channel Digital Mixer with a Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet,...

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Name Tascam MX-8ARolls RM-69Rolls RM-65bRolls RM-64Phonic PM801the t.mix Source Mix 52RDAP-Audio Compact 6.2Tascam MZ-123 BTthe t.mix Source Mix 18RRolls RM-82DAP-Audio IMIX-7.2 USBRolls RM-67DAP-Audio IMIX-7.1LD Systems MS 828ART MX821STascam MZ-372 MixerDAP-Audio Compact 9.2Tascam MZ-223DAP-Audio Compact 8.1ART MX622
Description 8-Channel Matrix Mixer and USB Audio Interface with DSP Processor19" Rack Mixer19" / 6 Channel Rack MixerFour Zone Mixer8-Channel Rack MixerZone mixer6 Channel Mixer / USB PlayerMicrophone / Line MixerMixer7 Channel Installation Mixer19" Rack Mixer7-Channel Installation MixerLine Splitter / MixerMic / Line MixerInstallation Mixer for Permanent Installation9-Channel Installation MixerBuilt-In Mixer for Permanent Installation8-Channel Installation MixerMixer
Dimensions (W x H x D)483 x 45 x 304 mm--------------483 x 132 x 93 mm----
Weight3 kg2.3 kg--2.3 kg2.1 kg2.2 kg-2.1 kg3 kg6.4 kg-2.8 kg--3.2 kg2.2 kg2.5 kg2.2 kg2.8 kg
Microphone Inputs82628022882320863283
Line Inputs8404842288841168661083
Rack Units1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U1 U2 U1 U1 U6 U1 U2 U1 U1 U3 U1 U2 U1 U1 U
Design-19" / 1 U---------19", 1 U-19", 1 U------
Dimensions-483 x 450 x 100 mm-19"/ 1 RU486 x 44 x 165 mm-481 x 175 x 44 mm--48 (19") x 4.5 (1 U) x 15 cm481 x 135 x 266 mm-481 x 95 x 88 mm---481 x 175 x 44 mm482 x 88 x 93 mm481 x 175 x 44 mm-
Format----19"/ 1 U19"/ 1 U19"/ 1U-19"/ 1 U-19"/ 6U-19"/ 2U--19"/ 3 U19"/ 1U-19"/ 1U-
Installation depth-----125 mm--125 mm-----------
Input channels------2x microphone (XLR / jack combined), 2x line (RCA), 1x Phone (3.5 mm jack / RCA)---2x microphone (XLR / jack combined), 8x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3.5 mm jack)-2x microphone (XLR / jack combined), 11x Line (RCA), 2x Phono (RCA), 1x Phone (3.5 mm jack)-------
Outputs------1x Master A (RCA), 1x Master B (XLR / RCA), 1x monitor (RCA)-----3x master balanced (XLR), 1x REC (RCA), 1x headphone (6.3 mm jack)-------

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Soundcraft Ui16

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Soundcraft Ui16 - SCR0593

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The Soundcraft Ui16 is a 16-Channel Digital Mixer with a Tablet/PC/smartphone controlled, With integrated stagebox and DSP, Integrated Wi-Fi and Ethernet, Soundcraft preamps and soundcraft mixer algorithms, dbx AFS2 feedback suppression, Digitech amp modelling, 120 Band realtime analyser (used in the inputs and outputs), Storable Gain and +48V status, 4-Band parametric EQ, high-Pass filter, compressor, De-Esser and noise gate on input channels, 31-Band graphic EQ and compressor on all outputs, 2-Channel USB audio playback and recording, Use up to 10 control devices (tablets, phones, pcs) simultaneously, Cross-Platform compatibility with iOS, android, Windows, Mac OS, and Linux devices (over HTML5) & Including Ableton Live Lite 9. The retail price is 328.29 £.


4 Lexicon effects busesReverb, Delay, Chorus, Room
Dimensions110 x 177 x 483 mm
Format19", 4U
Weight3.61 kg
Microphone Inputs12
Line Inputs9
Rack Units4 U

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