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16 Channel Mixer

The Soundcraft Signature 16 is a 16 Channel Mixer with a 12 Mono inputs, 3 Stereo input, 4 Band EQ with 1 band of swept mids, 4 Microphone channels with...

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Name Rolls MX 56cRadial Engineering Gold DiggerRolls MX 34CPokket pokketmixer vol+Pokket pokketmixer SilverPokket pokketmixer BlackYamaha MG20Rolls MX 54sART Macro MixRolls MX 153
Description MiniMix A/V4-Channel Microphone MixerSmall MixerPassive 2-channel mixerPortable 2 Channel MixerPortable 2 Channel MixerMixerPro Mix Plus4-Channel MixerMini Stereo Mixer
Dimensions165 x 90 x 40 mm------135 x 110 x 50 mm143 x 92 x 45 mm140 x 150 x 44 mm
Weight450 g--130 g---490 g725 g500 g
Incl. Effects Unit
19" Rack Compatible
Mic Preamps14200016302
Stereo Inputs2002224001
Phantom power
Integrated Power Supply
Digital Interface
Dimensions (L x W x H)----109 x 78 x 28 mm109 x 78 x 28 mm----
Weight without accessories----130 g130 g----

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Soundcraft Signature 16 Mixer - TATTY BOX & EU 2pin Plug
  • Soundcraft Signature 16 Mixer. Renowned Soundcraft sapphyre British mid-bands per channel EQ with dust. NOTE: Box is really tatty and is EU (2 PIN) PLUG.
  • Item location: BROXBOURNE, GB
Soundcraft Signature 16 Mixer Swan Flight Case (Hex)
  • Black Hex/Aluminium flight case built for a Soundcraft Signature 16 mixer. The unit can be operated whilst still in the case with plenty of room in the rear for connections. 1x Split dish handle fitted to the side of the case.
  • Item location: STOCKTON-ON-TEES, GB
Soundcraft Signature 16 Mixing Desk Flight Case
  • This flight case has been designed around the amazing Soundcraft Signature 16 Mixer, designed so you can simply lift the lid off and be ready for action. 4 x Lockable Latches.
  • Item location: MAIDSTONE, GB

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The Soundcraft Signature 16 is a 16 Channel Mixer with a 12 Mono inputs, 3 Stereo input, 4 Band EQ with 1 band of swept mids, 4 Microphone channels with built-in dbx limiter (compressor), 4 Aux output, Solo/Mute switch, 4 Sub groups, Built-in Lexicon effects device, Peak LED per channel, Integrated power supply, 100 mm Fader, Two channel USB Interface (incl. Ableton Live 9 Lite software) & Incl. Rack mounts. The retail price is 383.9 £. Buy Soundcraft Signature 16 at Thomann UK.


Dimensions505 x 490 x 109 mm
Weight8.66 kg
Incl. Effects UnitYes
19" Rack CompatibleYes
Mic Preamps12
Stereo Inputs3
Phantom powerYes
Integrated Power SupplyYes
Digital InterfaceYes

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