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Sonor NG11 Alto Glockenspiel

The Sonor NG 11 + bag B11 is a Sonor NG11 Alto Glockenspiel with a Small Alto Chime Bar, C-major scale with f#2, b2, and f#3, Single-row & Includes 1 pair of...

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Name Studio 49 H-AG Alto Chromatic ExtensionSonor AGGB Alto GlockenspielStudio 49 AG500 Alto GlockenspielGoldon Glockenspiel 11190Sonor MiMa Mini Glockenspiel MouseGoldon Alto Glockenspiel 11170Sonor MaMa&MiMa Glockenspiel MausStudio 49 GSc Soprano GlockenspielVoggenreiter Glockenspiel-SetSonor MG Glockenspiel Mouse
Description Alto GlockenspielAlto GlockenspielAlto GlockenspielGlockenspielAlto GlockenspielSoprano Glockenspiel Mama Mouse & Mini MouseSoprano GlockenspielGlockenspiel SetSoprano Glockenspiel
Pitch RangeKeys For Chromatical OrderC2 - a3C, d, e, g, a, cC, d, e, g ,a ,c-C2 - a3C MajorC3 - c4C MajorC Major
Additional Bars
Range-C2 - A3-----C3 - f4-C3 - C4

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Sonor NG-11 Glockenspiel+Sticks
  • Resonance box: beech wood. massive and locked  The glockenspiel for elementary music education! Our NG carillons are the best-selling carillons for this area. The children are fascinated by the glowing sound that is created by the combination of specially alloyed metal bars and the curved wooden resonance boxes. The features of the Sonor NG11 children's carillons: The NG glockenspiels are the ideal instruments for elementary music education. The lacquered sound bars are on shapely wooden boxes. The curved body made of beech wood forms an excellent resonance body. The keep drum MST-04 With their hard wooden head, mallets are ideal for glockenspiels with steel bars. With a length of 20cm and a head diameter of 15mm, they are suitable for both children and adults. Style and the wooden heads.
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SONOR Old Glockenspiel Diatonic NG 11
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The Sonor NG 11 + bag B11 is a Sonor NG11 Alto Glockenspiel with a Small Alto Chime Bar, C-major scale with f#2, b2, and f#3, Single-row & Includes 1 pair of wooden mallets. The retail price is 66.36 £. Buy Sonor NG 11 + bag B11 at Thomann UK.


RangeC'' - A'''
16 Specially alloyed red steel bars20 x 2 mm
Pitch RangeC2 - a3
Additional BarsYes

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