Sonor 14"x6,5" Vintage Snare Red Oy. review: specs & price

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Name Pearl PHF-1412 #101Pearl PHP-1465 #103Tama 14"x5,5" Starcl. Maple Sn. FBMSonor 14"x6,5" Vintage Snare Red Oy.Tama 14"x6,5" Starcl. Maple Sn. FDGDW 14"x06" Satin Spec. Green SNTama 14"x6,5" Starcl. Maple Sn. FBMDW 14"x5,5" SN Perf. Chr. ShadowBlack Swamp Percussion Dynamicx Snare Drum DXL5514AMSDW 14"x6,5" Toasted Almond Snare
Description SnareSnareSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare DrumSnare drumSnare drumSnare Drum
Size14" x 12"14" x 6.5"14" x x 5.5"-14" x 6.5"-14" x 6.5"14" x 5.5"14" x 5.5"14" x 6.5"
Drum shell6-Ply maple----10-Ply maple----
ColourWalnut (101)Piano Black (103)--Flat Deep Green Metallic (FDG)Lime Green to Black BurstFlat Burgundy Metallic (FDG)Chrome Shadow--
Hloubka v palcích12"6,5"5,5"6,5"6,5"6"6,5"5,5"5,5"6,5"
Shell ColourBrownBlackRedRedGreenGreenRedSilverNaturalNatural
Surface Texture Of ShellsLacquer, High GlossLacquer, High GlossLacquer, MattFoilLacquer, MattLacquer, MattLacquer, MattLacquer, High GlossLacquer, High GlossLacquer, High Gloss
Shell (Material)MapleMapleMapleBeechMapleMapleMapleMapleMapleAlmond Wood
Die Cast Hoop
Shell Hardware ColourChromeChromeBlack Nickel satinChromeBlack Nickel satinBlack NickelBlack Nickel satinChromeChromeNickel

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. The retail price is 663.72 £.


Hloubka v palcích6,5"
Shell ColourRed
Surface Texture Of ShellsFoil
Shell (Material)Beech
Die Cast HoopNo
Shell Hardware ColourChrome

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