Soniccouture Box Of Tricks

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Virtual Instrument (Download)

The Soniccouture Box Of Tricks is a Virtual Instrument (Download) with a Developed by and for Imogen Heaps, Exclusive collection of their instruments,...

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Name Rob Papen Punch 2Toontrack EZkeys BundleMeldaProduction MPowerSynthAmple Sound Ample Bass Acoustic IIISoniccouture GeosonicsEvolution Series World Percussion CoreSoniccouture Box Of TricksSoniccouture ClavAmple Sound China PipaMeldaProduction MDrummer
Description Virtual Drum Computer (Download)Virtual InstrumentVirtual Synthesiser (Download)Bass PluginVirtual Instrument (Download)Virtual percussion instrument (download)Virtual Instrument (Download)Virtual Clavinet (Download)Instrument Plug-in (Download)Virtual Drum Production Studio (Download)
Single/Bundle articleLos artikelBundleLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikelLos artikel
Akustik Keys/Pianos
Beat production / Drum machines
Wind Instruments
Cinematic / Effects
Chorus / Vocals
Drums / Percussion
Ethno / Folk
Guitars/plucked instruments
Orchestra Instruments
String Bass
String Instruments
Vintage Instrument
Hardware Controller
Copy protectionChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseSerial NumberChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseChallenge-ResponseILok License Manager, iLokSerial Number
Stand Alone
AAX Native
Audio Units

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The Soniccouture Box Of Tricks is a Virtual Instrument (Download) with a Developed by and for Imogen Heaps, Exclusive collection of their instruments, Detailed and carefully sampled, Unusual instruments and unheard-of sounds as well as sound experiments, Contains Mbira array with nine velocity layers, Boom whackers from tuned plastic tubes, Played with wooden and muted tongues, Cello offers unusual, expressive articulations, Cocktail Kit With Nibbles is a jazz kit including selected percussions with up to 64 velocity layers very dynamic playable and controllable via Euclidean Beats, Also included are Glockenspiel, Marxophone, Shruti Box, Tongue Drum and Vibraphone with fancy playing styles, Vocal Pad are Imogen's voice-generated sounds that can be played instrumental, For Vocal & Body Percussion Imogen has created percussive sounds with voice and body that can be played as a set or tonal, Waterphone in various playing techniques, Whirly Tubes with exceptional dynamic overtone spectrum, Different performance modules like Euclidean Beats, Jammer 2.0 etc. & 17 Freely configurable effect chains. The retail price is 150.41 £. Buy Soniccouture Box Of Tricks at Thomann UK.


Synthesis Tricks14 filters with envelope curves and velocity modulation
Heap Spaces + EffectsImpulse responses from Imogen's house with different rooms and different special effects
Single/Bundle articleLos artikel
Akustik Keys/PianosNo
Beat production / Drum machinesNo
Wind InstrumentsNo
Cinematic / EffectsYes
Chorus / VocalsYes
Drums / PercussionYes
Ethno / FolkNo
Guitars/plucked instrumentsNo
Orchestra InstrumentsNo
String BassNo
String InstrumentsNo
Vintage InstrumentNo
Hardware ControllerNo
Copy protectionChallenge-Response
Stand AloneYes
AAX NativeYes
Audio UnitsYes

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