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Microphone Cable

The Sommer Cable Stage 22 SGHN PU 20,0m is a Microphone Cable with a For stage and studio applications, 2x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24), Hicon HI-X3CM - HI-X3CF...

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Name DPA DAO4010Neumann IC4 mtNeumann IC4Vovox link direct S1000 XLR/XLRCordial CSM 5 FM CrystalNeumann IC5 mtSommer Cable SC-Source MKII Highflex 15mSommer Cable Stage 22 SGHN YE 15,0mSommer Cable Stage 22 SGHN PU 20,0mSommer Cable Stage 22 SGHN YE 20,0m
Description Microphone CableU87 joint with 10 m XLR cableMicrophone CableAudio CableHighly flexible high-end microphone cableMicrophone CableMicrophone CableMicrophone CableMicrophone CableMicrophone Cable
Length10,00 m10,00 m10,00 m10,00 m5,00 m10,00 m15,00 m15,00 m20,00 m20,00 m
Connector 1XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)5-pin XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)XLR (female)
Connector 2XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)5-pin XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)XLR (male)

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Sommer Basic Cable. SC - The Stage 22. High flex. 1x2x0.22mm2 AWG24. Male/female
  • MICROPHONE PATCH LEADS. Otherwise known as a balanced lead these clever cables minimise noise interference by using two twisted cores.
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
8 Way/Channel Multicore, Sommer Cable. Neutrik Wall/Stage Box. Audio Loom/Snake
  • 8 Way Custom Lynx 'Tourgrade' Professional Multicore Systems 8 Way/Channel System. Each system is built by us in the UK. These multicore systems can be completely customised to your exact specification. We can provide any length up to 100mts. We can provide any connector mix of XLR / JACK (TRS or TS) and MIDI. For Example: 6 x XLR / 1 x TRS Jack / 1 x MIDI = No Problem 8 x XLR (As Pictured) = No Problem 6 x XLR / 2 x TS Jack = No Problem All Genuine Neutrik Connectors. Using Sommer SC-Mistral Cable. Our stage boxes are made from 18 gauge steel, powder coated black. These are clearly numbered 1 to 8. The stage boxes can be Free Standing or Wall Mounted, with the option of having the cable come out directly from the back of the box to go through a wall.
  • Item location: COALVILLE, GB
Sommer Neutrik Male XLR to TRS Jack Audio Loom. 2/4/8 Way. Balanced Stage Snake
  • Custom Lynx 'Tourgrade' Professional Male XLR to TRS Jack (6.35mm) Looms. Flexible, noiseless and rugged, these looms are all a professional musician needs. 3 Pin Male XLR's and 1/4" Stereo Jacks Using the best components on the market, the looms come with: ---Genuine Neutrik Nickel XLR Connectors ---Sommer SC-Mistral 'Tourgrade' Pre Jacketed Multicore Cable ---Stereo Loom ---Numbers Under Clear Rings On The Body Of The XLR's. Under Clear Heatshrink On The Jacks ---Black Plyosil Braid Used To Protect Each Channel, Making For A More Rugged And Professional Loom ---Free Velcro Strap With Looms Over 2m Long With the channel numbers being under clear rings/heat shrink it eliminates the marker wearing off over time. All connectors also have hot glue inside the connectors before being assembled to ensure no movement.
  • Item location: COALVILLE, GB
NEUTRIK 4in/4out XLR Stage Snake on Reel. Schill Drum, Sommer Cable. Male Female
  • Male Female. Tour grade Schill cable drums made from hard plastic. 4x Neutrik NC3FXX Female XLR & 4x Neutrik NC3MXX Male XLR connectors. Neutrik Male to Female XLR Multicore 2 4 8 12 16 Way. 4x Neutrik NC3MDLX Male Chasis & 4x Neutrik NC3FDLX Female Chasis.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Neutrik Male Female XLR Stage Snake on Reel. 8 Way Schill Drum Sommer TOUR Cable
  • Tour grade Schill cable drums made from hard plastic. Neutrik NC3MDLX Male Chassis & NC3FXX Female XLR connectors. This includes Channel Islands, Northern Ireland, Isle of Wight and Scottish Highlands.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Sommer Cable 100-0451-02 Multipair Stage Cable Black
  • The SC-QUANTUM HIGHFLEX is just the cable that all bending ‘radius fetichists' like event technicians, musicians, and ambitious live sound people have been dreaming of. Not only is the S-PVC-jacket resistant to a temperature of -30°C and notch resistant, it feels soft, not only the outside, but the inside as well, and is also break-resistant due to the super fine 0.07mm individual copper litz and the PE-insulated wire insulation.
  • Item location: MARYPORT, GB
SOMMER CABLE Stage 22 Highflex - Microphone Cable
  • Sommer Cable microphone cable Stage 22 Highflex   microphone cable   - 2 x 0.22mm²   - PVC Ø 6.40 mm   Seen cheaper elsewhere? No problem - send us your price proposal! +++3 years guarantee+++ All of our items have a 30-day right of return without additional Reason. Sheet music, reading material and software are non-returnable. The general terms and conditions of Zoundhouse GmbH& Co.KG apply. The European Union provides an online platform (OS platform) for the out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes When purchasing multiple items from us: Place the items in the shopping cart and select Request total from buyer at the top right. If you intend to buy multiple articles: Put them into your shopping cart and choose combined shipping(up right)on your.
  • Item location: , DE


The Sommer Cable Stage 22 SGHN PU 20,0m is a Microphone Cable with a For stage and studio applications, 2x 0.22 mm² (AWG 24), Hicon HI-X3CM - HI-X3CF connector & PVC sheath with 6.4 mm diameter. The retail price is 23.55 £.


Length20,00 m
Connector 1XLR (female)
Connector 2XLR (male)

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