Sommer Cable Club Series MKII 10M review: specs & price

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Headphone Extension Cable

The Sommer Cable Club Series MKII 10M is a Headphone Extension Cable with a With Neutrik plug connectors (lockable).

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Name Sennheiser Cable II-X3K1-P48AIAIAI C06 straight with mic for iOSUltrasone Edition Cable 1,2 mSennheiser 510626 CableMrSpeakers XLR CableAKG K141/240 Studio Cable MiniUltrasone Edition 15 Balanced Cable XLRUltrasone Coiled Cable 3mAIAIAI C01 straight with micAIAIAI C03 coiled with adapter 3,85m
Description Connection-Pair CablesAccessories cablesHeadphone cableConnection cableConnecting cablesReplacement cable for headphonesSymmetrical headphone cableSpiral cableAccessories cablesAccessories cables
Length2 m1,2 m1,2 m-2 m3 m3 m3 m1,2 m3,85 m
Coiled Cable -
Straight Cable -
Diameter-3 mm------3 mm4 mm
Cable length-1.2 m------1.2 m3.85 m

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Sommer 200-0052 SC Club Series II Balanced Mic Cable Blue
  • The robust rubber like matte outer jacket provides excellent flexibility even down to -300C. The jacket also feels good and is almost entirely filled with PVC. To guard against interference the spirally wound shielding is of polished copper wires and is 95% optically opaque (instead of the usual 85%).
  • Item location: LUTON, GB
Sommer Club Series MKII Vintage Tweed Balanced Mic Cable. XLR Jack TRS Braided
  • XLR Jack TRS Braided. A cable giving great performance at an excellent price. The shielding made of polished copper wires is 95 % optically opaque (instead of the usual 85 %). Shielding - copper braided shielding with 0.10 mm indiv.
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Sommer Club Series MKII TRS TRS 1M metres 3ft feet Stereo Jack Lead 1/4 6.35mm
  • Never toured or left the studio. There are only four of this type available.
  • Item location: KNARESBOROUGH, GB
Sommer Club Series MKII TRS 5M Metres 15FT Feet Cable Stereo Jack Lead
  • Never toured or left the studio. There are only two of this type available.
  • Item location: KNARESBOROUGH, GB
Sommer Cable Sc-Club Black Zilk Microphone 2x 0, 25mm ² K-Ø 7,3mm Retro Style
  • For the musician with total perspective... we have the new one SC-CLUB BLACK ZILK microphone cable created. After great success the ZILK instrument cable series, there is now also one high quality microphone cable in matching velvet mats, semi-transparent Design. The cable is not only a real eye-catcher and a stylistic device, but it has it Next the AES/EBU compliance other technical features. The SC-CLUB BLACK ZILK microphone cable we have, like the instrument cable, with a double screen the end dense spiral helix and a lconductive carbon semiconductor fitted. the capacity is with 50pF core/screen extremely low. The gas-foamed insulation ensures excellent damping values, which the cable above Allen in the studio use, even with longer transmission lengths, makes it a reliable partner. Besi.
  • Item location: , DE
SOMMER CABLE Sc-Club Red Zilk Microphone 2x 0, 25mm ² Ø 7,3 MM 200-0713
  • Besides, that isSC CLUB RED ZILK one of themost flexible microphone cable on the world market. The number of the ordered quantity results in the total length of the cable in one piece. we have the new oneSC-CLUB RED ZILK microphone cable created.
  • Item location: , DE
Sommer Cable 1m Sc-Club Series Mkii Ofc Microphone Cable 200-0051 -0052 -0053
  • This offer applies to sold by the metre of SC-CLUB SERIES MKII 2 x 0.34mm² microphone cable, from the house "SUMMER CABLE". Simply choose how many meters you need by the number of items. You can find more microphone cables in our Shop, or on request. It is new and you will receive an invoice with VAT on request. "No blood in the veins..." and still a lot of life. Because 2 x 0.34 mm² core cross-sections are impressive and the electrical data speak for themselves. Because ofexcellent value for money is this one of the best-selling cables in the stage and studio sector. The large cross-section and the low capacity guarantee excellent transmission quality, even over long distances. The shielding made of bare copper braid owns one 95% optical coverage (instead of the usual 85%). The robust, r.
  • Item location: , DE
Sommer SC-Club Series MKII Black 100m
  • Hochwertiges Mikrofonkabel Hohe Übertragungsqualität durch die Verwendung von OFC-Litzen und großen Adernquerschnitt von 2 x 0,34 mm² Sehr niedrige Kapazität durch PE-Isolierung Gute Abschirmung durch dichten Cu-Geflechtschirm Hohe Flexibilität, dadurch leicht trommelbar Anwendung: Bühneneinsatz Studiobetrieb Festinstallation Aufbau (2LI2Y0,34mm2)CY Mantel, Durchmesser PVC 6,5 mm AWG 22 Innenleiter 2 x 0,34 mm2 Cu-Litze per Ader 19 x 0,15 mm Leiterisolation PE 1,50 mm Abschirmung Cu-Geflechtschirm mit 0,10 mm Einzellitzen Bedeckung, opt. 95 % Temperaturbereich min. -25 °C Temperaturbereich max. 70 °C Brandlast je m 0,22 kWh Gewicht bei 1 m 56 g Aufmachung, VPE 100/500 m Rolle Kapazität Ader/Ader bei 1 m 58 pF Kapazität Ader/Schirm bei 1 m 115 pF Leiterwiderstand bei 1 km Schirmwid.
  • Item location: Nienburg, DE

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The Sommer Cable Club Series MKII 10M is a Headphone Extension Cable with a With Neutrik plug connectors (lockable). The retail price is 31.46 £. Buy Sommer Cable Club Series MKII 10M at Thomann UK.


Length10 m
Coiled CableNo
Straight CableYes

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