Sirus Pro Y Split RCA review: specs & price

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Y Split Cable

The Sirus Pro Y Split RCA is a Y Split Cable with a 3.5 mm stereo jack to 2x RCA.

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Name Sirus Pro Y Split RCApro snake 90092pro snake 19006pro snake 19311Cordial CFY 3 WMM-Long Snowthe sssnake YPP2240the sssnake YPX2040pro snake FFM 1100pro snake TPY 2003 JRRpro snake FFM 1060
Description Y Split CableAdapter CableInsert Audio CableY-Audio CableY Audio CableInsert CableInsert CableAudio CableY - Adapter CableAudio Cable
Length3,00 m0,15 m1,00 m1,50 m3,00 m4,00 m4,00 m10,00 m0,30 m6,00 m
Connector 1Mini-Jack5-pin DIN (male)Jack(stereo)Jack(stereo)Mini-JackJack(stereo)Jack(stereo)XLR (female)Jack(stereo)XLR (female)
Connector 2RCARCAJackRCAXLR (male)JackXLR (female/male)XLR (male)RCAXLR (male)

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The Sirus Pro Y Split RCA is a Y Split Cable with a 3.5 mm stereo jack to 2x RCA. The retail price is 5.22 £.


Length3,00 m
Connector 1Mini-Jack
Connector 2RCA

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