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Dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid characteristic

The Shure SM58 LC is a Dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid characteristic with a Cardioid characteristic, Frequency response optimised for vocals with...

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Name Blue enCORE 200Telefunken M81 Universal DynamicEV ND96TC-Helicon MP-75Telefunken M80 GoldShure 565 SDbeyerdynamic TG V50 sShure KSM8 BAKG Perception Live P3sSE Electronics V7Sennheiser E845 S BundleSennheiser MD431II Profipowerthe t.bone MB 55AKG Perception Live P5sthe t.bone MB 45 II Bundlethe t.bone GM 55the t.bone MB 45 IISennheiser E845the t.bone MB 85Sennheiser E835 S Bundle
Description Dynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic microphoneDynamic large diaphragm vocals microphoneDynamic vocal microphoneDynamic MicrophoneDynamic MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocals and Speech MicrophoneDynamic vocal microphoneVocal microphoneSennheiser E845 SDynamic microphoneDynamic microphoneDynamic vocal microphonethe t.bone MB 45 IIDynamic MicrophoneDynamic microphoneDynamic MicrophoneDynamic universal microphoneSennheiser E835 S
Polar patternCardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioid--Cardioid-SupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioid-Supercardioid-Supercardioid---
Frequency range50 Hz - 16 kHz50 - 18,000 Hz30 - 15,000 Hz50 Hz - 18 kHz50 - 18,000 Hz50 Hz - 15 kHz-40 - 16,000 Hz40 - 20,000 Hz40 - 19,000 Hz---40 - 20,000 Hz-40 / 17,000 Hz----
Sensitivity2.25 mV/PA----High impedance--51.5 dBV / Pa / 1.85 mV / Pa-2.0 mV / Pa (-54 dB)-----2.4 mV/Pa----
Output impedance25 Ohm--------300 Ohm----------
Peak SPL147 dB SPL--------------155 dB----
Dimensions185 mm length and 28 mm diameter (50 mm max.)-170 x x 50.5 x 24.3 mm------54 x 184 mm---------Ø 48 x 180 mm
On/Off Switch
Polar PatternCardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidSupercardioidCardioidCardioid
Impedance-325 Ohm350 Ohm150 Ohm325 Ohm--300 Ohm-------415 Ω----
Weight-387 g323 g290 g387 g298 g---305 g-----527 g (microphone), 395g (table stand)----
Max. SPL--140 dB-135 dB---------------
Colour-----Silver-BlackBlack--Black; Sound inlet windscreen-BlackBlack-----
Sound pressure--------144 dB SPL max.----144 dB SPL max.------

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The Shure SM58 LC is a Dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid characteristic with a Cardioid characteristic, Frequency response optimised for vocals with brightened mids and bass rolloff, Cardioid characteristic isolates the main sound source and reduces background noise, Integrated pneumatic shock-mount system minimizes handling noise, Integrated effective wind and pop filter & Incl. microphone storage bag, microphone clip and 3/8" threaded adapter.


Frequency response50 - 15,000 Hz
Output impedance300 Ohm
Sensitivity-54.5 dBV / Pa (1.88 mV)
SPL94 dB
Dimensions23 x 162 x 51 mm
Weight298 g
On/Off SwitchNo
Polar PatternCardioid

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