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Dynamic Studio Microphone

The Shure SM 7 B is a Dynamic Studio Microphone with a For music and speech transmission, ideal for broadcast, radio and TV, Flat, wide-range frequency...

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Name Mojave MA-1000 MicrophoneJZ Microphones BH3Violet Vin12SE Electronics RNTSE Electronics T2 Pop Screen BundleViolet The JuniorCharterOak SA538BJZ Microphones BH1Ehrlund Microphones EHR-M1Peluso 22 251
Description Large diaphragm condenser tube microphoneLarge-Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneCondenser Microphone CapsuleLarge-Diaphragm Condenser Tube MicrophoneSE Electronics T2Large Diaphragm MicrophoneLarge-diaphragm studio microphoneLarge Diaphragm Condenser MicrophonesHigh End Studio Condenser MicrophoneStudio tube large-diaphragm micro
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)---20 Hz-20 kHz20 Hz to 20 kHz----
Boundary sound pressure level120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on--------144 dB
Dimensions194 x 51 mm203 x 51 x 28 mm---210 mm height, 48 mm diameter-203 x 51 x 28 mm53 x 95 mm52 x 225 mm
Weight0.45 kg----440 g--185 g620 g
Switchable Polar Pattern
Low Cut
Shockmount included
USB Microphone
Diaphragm-27 mm-----2 x 27 mm--
Frequency range-20 Hz - 20 kHz-20 - 20,000 Hz--25 - 20,000 Hz20 Hz - 20 kHz7 - 87,000 Hz-
Polar pattern-CardioidCardioid-Omnidirectional, cardioid, super cardioid, figure-8Cardioid--Cardioid-
Output impedance-50 ohms-----50 ohms, S / N Ratio DIN / IEC 651--
Maximum SPL 0.5% THD at 1000 ohms-134.5 dB-----134.5 dB--
Sensitivity---16 mV / Pa28mv / pa-31 ± 1dB-----
Nominal impedance-----50 ohms---50/200 ohms

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Shure SM7B Vocal Studio Microphone and Accessories
  • Shure SM7B Vocal Studio Microphone with accessoriesExcellent working condition, used sporadicallyComes with boom arm extension, xlr cable and foam coverI don’t have the original box anymore, but the microphone will be carefully packagedI have the GoXLR mixer for sale in other listing if you fancy the whole set
  • Item location: LONDON, GB
Shure Wired Vocal Microphone - Black (SM7B)
  • Shure Wired Vocal Microphone - Black (SM7B). An amazing dynamic microphone in very good condition This microphone is great for podcasters, vocalists/singers - live streaming - instruments and much more Great at removing room ambience for quality sounding audio!
  • Item location: BRISTOL, GB
Shure SM7B Vocal Studio Microphone and Triton Audio FetHead Preamp + Extras
  • Extras include the Shure extension for use with Desk arms such as the Rode or Blue mounts.
  • Item location: BROMLEY, GB
Shure Wired Vocal Microphone - Black (SM7B) Legendary quality w/ orig packaging
  • Practically indestructible mic with an amazing sound.
  • Item location: STRATFORD-UPON-AVON, GB
SHURE SM7B Dynamic Vocal Studio Microphone (Brand NEW Sealed) XLR Output
  • Shure SM7B Microphone. - Shure SM7B Microphone. Do your Shure SM7B research This is not a plug-and-play microphone for amateur users. This is a dynamic cardioid microphone for close-proximity studio and vocal applications.
  • Item location: HITCHIN, GB
Shure SM7B Vocal Studio Microphone and Triton Audio FetHead Preamp
  • Shure SM7B Dynamic Microphone and Triton Audio FetHead Preamp. Fully working and it great condition. Only had it for a couple of months. Please see photos If you have any questions let me knowThank you
  • Item location: NOTTINGHAM, GB
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone
  • Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone.
  • Item location: Hainesport, US
Shure SM7B Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Microphone w/ Auray Boom Arm
  • The pop filters in this Shure microphone effectively eliminate the need for any add-on protection against breath sounds.
  • Item location: New York, US
Shure SM7B Studio Microphone Cardoid studio microphone Bass roll of SM7B
  • The classic cardioid pattern of the Shure SM7B Studio Microphone is designed to deter off-axis audio, which allows you to capture your audio at a comfortable angle, just the way you like it. This ensures your captured audio is remarkably clean with a natural reproduction of both music and speech.
  • Item location: TAMWORTH, GB
Shure SM7B Vocal Dynamic Microphone for Broadcast, Podcast & Recording
  • Great microphone in good condition. No dents etc. Very light usage marks (see photos). Pop cover is slightly torn but is only noticeable when it's pulled apart (see photo 4).
  • Item location: BEVERLEY, GB
Shure Sm7b Dynamic Microphone * *
  • What’s more, you can make EQ changes quickly. There are two switches on the SM7B, one that rolls off bass and another that boosts presence. It’s just another string to the bow that makes it so well suited to recording in studios.
  • Item location: GLASGOW, GB
Shure Unidirectional Dynamic Microphone Sm7B Domestic
  • Flat Spreading Frequency Reproduce Unprecedented Clear Natural Sound Quality Both Music Speech. Equipped With Low Cut Mid Boost Switch. Features Structure Prevents Hum Computer Monitors Neon Tubes.
  • Item location: , JP

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The Shure SM 7 B is a Dynamic Studio Microphone with a For music and speech transmission, ideal for broadcast, radio and TV, Flat, wide-range frequency response for exceptionally clean and natural playback of both music and speech, Bass rolloff and mid-range emphasis (presence boost) controls with graphic display of response setting, Improved shielding against electromagnetic hum, especially against broadband interference from computer monitors, Internal air-suspension shock absorber virtually eliminates mechanical noise transmission, Highly effective pop filter eliminates need for any add-on protection against explosive breath sounds, even for close-up vocals or narration, The detachable wind shield A7WS protects against popping noises and gives a close-up and warmer sound, Swivel bracket with integrated tripod mount for easy installation and precise microphone positioning & Incl. Switch cover plate and wind protection. The retail price is 312.17 £. Buy Shure SM 7 B at Thomann UK.


Polar patternCardioid
Frequency response50 - 20,000 Hz
Output Impedance150 Ohm
Open circuit sensitivity-59.0 dBV / Pa (1.12 mV)
Dimensions190 x 64 x 96 mm
Weight765 g
Suitable replacement foam wind-shieldArt. 263050
Suitable replacement wind protection (Clip on cap windscreen)Art. 157230
Switchable Polar PatternNo
Low CutYes
Shockmount includedNo
USB MicrophoneNo

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