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Dynamic Dualdyne Live Vocal Microphone

The Shure KSM8 N is a Dynamic Dualdyne Live Vocal Microphone with a With double diaphragm technology, Minimal proximity effect, axial distortion, Natural...

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Name Blue enCORE 100iMXL A-55 KickerAudio-Technica AE2300Audix F50the t.bone MB 88U PlusAudio-Technica AE2500Superlux Top 258Sontronics HaloSuperlux D10BTelefunken M80 White
Description MicrophoneDynamic Microphone for Bass DrumDynamic Instrument MicrophoneVoice and Vocal MicrophoneDynamic Vocal MicrophoneVocal MicrophoneDynamic MicrophoneDynamic Instrument Microphone
Frequency range50 Hz - 16 kHz30 - 15,000 Hz60 - 20,000 Hz-60 - 16,000 Hz-50 - 16,000 Hz50 Hz - 15 kHz50 - 16,000 Hz-
Output impedance150 ohms300 ohms--------
Dimensions175 mm in length130 x 60 mm95.6 x 28 mm-----42.5 x 144 mm-
Weight320 g0.54 kg138 g-----220 g-
On/Off Switch
Polar PatternCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidCardioidSupercardioidCardioidSupercardioidSupercardioid
Sensitivity--76 dB (+/- 3 dB @ 1 kHz)-57 DB (1.3 mV/Pa)----54 dBV/pa (2.0mV/pa)54 dB--
Impedance--250 Ω---300 Ω600 Ω250 Ohm-
Directional characteristic------Super-cardioidCardioid--

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Shure KSM8 Nickel Dualdyne Vocal Dynamic MICROPHONE - NEW - PERFECT CIRCUIT
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The Shure KSM8 design claims are made clear on their website. I check them out and err check them!


The Shure KSM8 N is a Dynamic Dualdyne Live Vocal Microphone with a With double diaphragm technology, Minimal proximity effect, axial distortion, Natural recording of the signal for undistorted reproduction, Brushed aluminium case, Hardened steel mesh head & Incl. AK8C zipper bag and A25E mikrofon attachment. The retail price is 382.43 £. Buy Shure KSM8 N at Thomann UK.


Directional characteristicCardioid
Frequency range40 - 16,000 Hz
Impedance300 Ω
Sensitivity-51.5 DBV/Pa / 1.85 mV/Pa
On/Off SwitchNo
Polar PatternCardioid

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