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Retro Look Spotlight

The Showtec Vintage Blaze `55 is a Retro Look Spotlight with a With an HPL tungsten lamp and RGB LED flame background effect, strobe function and colour...

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Name Showtec Floodlight HQ-150 Black ASYMARRI Arrilite 750 PlusShowtec Floodlight HQ-150 Black SYMUltralite ULCY10S Cyclo 1000W symetricalEurolite PLL-360 3200K PanelUltralite ULFLU1 Flood LightShowtec Floodlight HQ-400 Black SYMUltralite ULCY10A Cyclo 1000WShowtec Vintage Blaze `33Eurolite ML-600 ABL
Description FloodlightParabolic SpotlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlightAsymmetrical FloodlightHead LampSpotlight with halogen lamp and LED ambient lighting
Lamp typeHQI-HQI---HQI---
Lumens @ 100Hr (lm)11,500-11,500---44,000---
DE/SEDouble-ended-Double-ended---One-sided base---
Power supplyAC 230 V 50 Hz-AC 230 V 50 Hz---AC 230 V 50 Hz--230 V AC, 50 Hz
Power consumption70/150 Watt-70/150 Watt---400 W-620 W-
Housing materialCast aluminium-Cast aluminium---Cast aluminium---
IP protection classIP65-IP65---IP65---
Dimensions360 x 315 x 140 mm-360 x 315 x 140 mm---450 x 465 x 170 mm320 x 320 x 205 mm--
Weight5.5 kg-5.5 kg4.5 kg--6.5 kg4.5 kg6.1 kg15 kg
Housing colourBlack-Black---Black---
TypeFloodlightCamera LightFloodlightFloodlight-FloodlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlightFloodlight
Beam typeAsymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetrical-SymmetricalSymmetricalAsymmetricalSymmetricalSymmetrical
Max. power [W]150 W750 W150 W1000 W-500 W400 W1000 W750 W600 W
Flood type--Symmetrical---Symmetrical---

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The Showtec Vintage Blaze `55 is a Retro Look Spotlight with a With an HPL tungsten lamp and RGB LED flame background effect, strobe function and colour macros, The combination of both light sources creates atmospheric scenes on stage and can even be used for blinding effects, Manual colour or DMX mode & Power Twist In / Output. The retail price is 450.83 £.


Light sourceLED
LampholderGY9.5 for one HPL 575 or HPL 750 (one HPL 575 included)
Number of DMX channels1/2/4/7
DMX connection3/5-pin XLR In / Output
Input voltage240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power consumption800 W
Dimensions (W x D x H)47 x 50 x 68 cm
Weight11 kg
Beam typeSymmetrical
Max. power [W]750 W

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