Showtec Stage Blinder 4 Blaze review: specs & price

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Name ADJ Encore Burst 100IPShowtec Stage Blinder 2 BlazeLitecraft MarsX.1 250W RedShift LEDArrayMartin Rush Blinder 1 WWCameo Matrix Panel 3 WWShowtec Stage Blinder 8 DMXShowtec Sunstrip II BundleShowtec Sunstrip IIShowtec Stage Blinder 4 DMXShowtec Stage Blinder 4 Blaze
Description LED BlinderHybrid LED Fresnel SpotlightLED Blinder5 x 5 LED matrix panel with single pixel controlStage BlinderShowtec Sunstrip II700 Watt BlinderStage Blinder
Construction TypeSingleDuoSingleQuadMatrixOctaBarBarQuadQuad
Including bulb(s)
Color / Color temperature [K]WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Number of lamps1214258202044
Power per bulb [W]125 W100 W250 W100 W3 W650 W35 W35 W650 W100 W
DMX control
Power supply-100 - 240 V AC at 50/60 Hz--100 V AC - 240 V AC / 50 - 60 Hz-----
Power consumption-Max. 210 watts--100 W-----
Weight-5.5 kg8.8 kg9.5 kg8 kg-3.5 kg3.5 kg--
Voltage-----240V/50Hz--240 V / 50 Hz-
Lamp-----8x Par 36 120V/650W (DWE)--4x Par 36 120V/650W (DWE)-
Lamps------20x MR-11 12/35W (not included)20x MR-11 12/35W (not included)--
Dimensions without side pipes and floor stand (LxWxH)------1260 x 59 x 55 mm1260 x 59 x 55 mm--

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4 Eyes LED 4Pcs 100W Warm White COB Audience Blinder Light


. The retail price is 787.5 £.


Construction TypeQuad
Including bulb(s)Yes
Color / Color temperature [K]WW
Number of lamps4
Power per bulb [W]100 W
DMX controlYes

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