Shadow SH124-250 Kill Pot

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The Shadow SH124-250 Kill Pot is a Potentiometer with a For electric guitar/bass, 250 kOhm logarithmic, With push switch to kill the sound & For single coil...

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Name Allparts Semi-Hollow Wiring KitEvh Custom High Friction 250 PotiShadow SH124-250 Kill PotFishman Fluence Standard PotSeymour Duncan Liberator Solderless 250KGöldo Push/Pull Pot 500KO SC A-logEvh Custom Low Friction 250 PotiGibson Poti 300kO Linear Taper ShortEMG 25K Split Tone (Solderless)EMG 25K Push/Pull Pot LS (Solderl)
Description Wiring Kit for Semi-Hollow Electric GuitarPotentiometerPotentiometerPotentiometers for guitar and bassPotentiometerPush/Pull PotentiometerOriginal potentiometer for Wolfgang GuitarsPotentiometerTone Potentiometer25kOhm Push/Pull Potentiometer
DesignNormal-KillswitchPush PullSolderlessPush Pull-VolumeToneVolume
Resistance Value500 kOhms250 kOhms250 kOhms25 kOhms250 kOhms500 kOhms250 kOhms300 kOhms25 kOhms25 kOhms
Characteristic CurveLogarithmic-Logarithmic--Logarithmic-LinearLinearLogarithmic
Shaft (Length)9,5 mm--9,5 mm-20,0 mm----
Tandem Poti
Push/Push KillswitchPush/Pull Push/Pull Push/Pull
Shaft typeGroovedSmoothGroovedGroovedGroovedGroovedSmoothGroovedGroovedGrooved
Resistance---25 kOhm-500 kOhm (A-log.)-300 kOhm linear--

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The Shadow SH124-250 Kill Pot is a Potentiometer with a For electric guitar/bass, 250 kOhm logarithmic, With push switch to kill the sound & For single coil pickups. The retail price is 12.29 £. Buy Shadow SH124-250 Kill Pot at Thomann UK.


Resistance Value250 kOhms
Characteristic CurveLogarithmic
Tandem PotiNo
Shaft typeGrooved

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