Sensory Percussion Pickup Elements

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Name Roland TD-1DMK MulticoreMillenium HD-100 Rubber Spare HeadSensory Percussion Pickup ElementsRoland Halteplatte for Roland TD-4/9Zildjian Gen16 AE Cymbal Exten. CableAlesis E-Drum MulticoreMillenium MPS-500/750 MulticoreATV Electrorganic aFrame PowerbankMillenium MPS-150 MulticoreRoland TDM-25 V-Drum Mat
Description Rubber replacement surfaceMounting PlateExtension CableElectric Drum MulticoreHarnessATV Electrorganic aFrame Power BankWiring HarnessV-drum carpet
TypeCableSpare PartSpare PartMounting plateCableCableCableATV PowerbankCableCarpet

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TypeSpare Part

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Sensory Percussion Pickup Elements

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