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Monitoring Headphones

The Sennheiser HD-25 is a Monitoring Headphones with a Follow-up model of HD-25-1-II Basic Edition, Dynamic, Closed-back, Supra-aural, Roght ear cup...

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Name Audio-Technica ATH-PRO5 X WHSuperlux HD-631 DJMixars MXH-22Shure SRH550 DJBehringer HPX6000Behringer HPX4000Shure SRH750 DJNumark Red Wave Carbonbeyerdynamic DT-252Behringer HPX2000Fun Generation HP 5the t.bone TDJ 1000Sennheiser HD-25 LightAKG K-182Audio-Technica ATH-M20 XAudio-Technica ATH-M70 XSennheiser HD-25 PlusSennheiser HD-280 Pro New FaceliftSennheiser HD-25
Description Professional DJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesHeadphoneDJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesClosed High-precision DJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesOne-Ear HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesDJ HeadphonesDJ Mixing HeadphonesMonitor HeadphonesMonitor HeadphonesStudio/DJ HeadphonesMonitor HeadphonesHeadphoneMonitoring Headphones
ColourWhite------Black / Red-----BlackBlackBlack-Black-
SystemClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackSemi OpenClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed BackClosed Back
Impedance34 Ohms40 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms24 Ohms32 Ohms32 Ohms24 Ohms80 Ohms64 Ohms65 Ohms64 Ohms60 Ohms32 Ohms47 Ohms38 Ohms70 Ohms64 Ohms70 Ohms
Frequency range5 Hz – 35000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz10 Hz – 22000 Hz5 Hz – 22000 Hz0 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz5 Hz – 30000 Hz15 Hz – 20000 Hz10 Hz – 30000 Hz20 Hz – 20000 Hz18 Hz – 20000 Hz5 Hz – 30000 Hz30 Hz – 16000 Hz10 Hz – 28000 Hz15 Hz – 20000 Hz5 Hz – 40000 Hz16 Hz – 22000 Hz8 Hz – 25000 Hz16 Hz – 22000 Hz
Weight250 g287 g0 g241 g0 g300 g300 g280 g170 g0 g0 g291 g115 g255 g200 g283 g140 g273 g140 g
Replacable Cable
Sensitivity-101 dB106 dB109 dB98 dB @ 1 kHz+-113.5 dB @ 1 kHz---110 dB @ 1 kHz---112 dB SPL/V96 dB----
Weight with cable-346 g---------370 g--200 g307 g---
Weight without cable-287 g---------291 g115 g255 g-283 g140 g-140 g
Max. input level---3000 mW--3000 mW----2000 mW200 mW500 mW700 mW bei 1 kHz-200 mW-200 mW
Weight with cord---266 g--367 g------------
Weight without cord---241 g--300 g------------
Capsule diameter----50 mm40 mm-------------
Max. power consumption----2000 mW100 mW-------------
Cable length----3 m1 m (stretchable up to 2.5 m)---2.0 m---------
Connection-----Stereo mini jack plus 6.3 mm stereo jack adapter---3.5 mm stereo connector---------
Frequency response---------20 Hz to 20,000 Hz18 - 20000 Hz--------
Sound pressure level----------102 dB------102 dB-
SPL-----------107 dB---97 dB---
Max. SPL------------114 dB (1 kHz,1 Vrms)---120 dB (1 kHz,1 Vrms)-120 dB(1 kHz,1 Vrms)
Total harmonic distortion at 1 kHz----------------

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sennheiser HD 25 SP ll

11.50£ 3 8 03d


The Sennheiser HD-25 is a Monitoring Headphones with a Follow-up model of HD-25-1-II Basic Edition, Dynamic, Closed-back, Supra-aural, Roght ear cup rotatable, Split headband design, Single-sided 1.5 m cable with 3.5 mm jack plug & Incl. 6.3 mm adapter.


Impedance70 Ohms
Max. SPL120 dB(1 kHz,1 Vrms)
Frequency range16 Hz – 22000 Hz
Total harmonic distortion at 1 kHz
Max. input level200 mW
Weight without cable140 g
SystemClosed Back
Weight140 g
Replacable CableYes

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