Sennheiser AC3200-MK II

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Antenna combiner

The Sennheiser AC3200-MK II is an Antenna combiner with a 8 to 1, Max 100 mW & External power supply NT12.

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Name Sennheiser SZI 1015 TWSennheiser AB 4-GWSennheiser MiniCircuits Set 4Neumann KK 205 NISennheiser SKM 6000 BK-B1-B4Sennheiser SK 2000-CW EWSennheiser EM-XSW 1-B-BandSennheiser AC3200-MK IISennheiser SKP 2000 AW-XSennheiser SKM 500 G4 GBW Band
Description Infrared RadiatorAntenna Amplifier for the EW SeriesSennheiser MiniCircuits Set 4Microphone CapsuleDigital Handheld TransmitterUHF BodypackUHF ReceiverAntenna combinerProfessional Series Plug-On TransmitterHandheld Transmitter for the EW 500 G4
Component typeTransmitterAntenna AmplifierAntenna SplitterMicrophone capsuleHandheld TransmitterPocket TransmitterReceiverAntenna CombinerPlug-On TransmitterHandheld Transmitter
Dimensions-95 x 47 x 21 mm-----19 "/ 1 HE--
Frequency range----630 - 718 MHz718 - 790 MHzB-Band 614-638 MHz-516 - 558 MHzGBW Band (606 - 678 MHz)

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The Sennheiser AC3200-MK II is an Antenna combiner with a 8 to 1, Max 100 mW & External power supply NT12. The retail price is 3398.98 £. Buy Sennheiser AC3200-MK II at Thomann UK.


Dimensions19 "/ 1 HE
Component typeAntenna Combiner

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