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Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet

The Selmer Bass Clarinet Focus is a Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet with a Modern design, Easy playability and play comfort, Centered tone, Very flexible,...

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Name AW Reeds Bass- Clarinet F195Pomarico Bass Clarinet Boehm Facing 2AW Reeds Bass- Clarinet D135-TBari Esprit Bass- ClarinetPomarico Bass Clarinet Wizard Jazz*Vandoren B46 Bass ClarinetYamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 6CESM Ernst Schreiber Bass Clarinet EPE JMPomarico Bass Clarinet Boehm Facing 3Yamaha Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 5C
Description Mouthpiece for Boehm Bass ClarinetBass Clarinet MouthpieceMouthpiece for German Bass ClarinetMouthpiece for Bass ClarinetMouthpieceMouthpiece For Bass ClarinetBass Clarinet Mouthpiece for Boehm SystemBass Clarinet MouthpieceMouthpiece For Bass Clarinet
Tip opening1.95 mm-1.35 mm.066-1/100 mm-1.90 mm--
Facing length31 mm26 mm26 mm24 mm-L (Long)-26 mm-31 mm

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Selmer Bundy USA Bass Clarinet !No Reserve! Worldwide Shipping!
  • The Serial Number is 14968. Th e clarinet is in overall good condition. The clarinet will need to be checked over and serviced and cleaned to be in good playing condition. Most of the pads and springs look good and a few are worn so you will want to have them checked and serviced and replaced as needed.
  • Item location: Dodgeville, US
New Bass Clarinet Floor Peg/Rod, Fits Selmer, Bundy, Vito, Leblanc with Tip!
  • Generic part. Made of Hardened Steel. Nickel finish with rubber tip.
  • Item location: , CN
New USA Selmer/Bundy Bass Clarinet Floor Peg/Rod Assembly!
  • Parts included: Peg holder, Rod with tip, Knurl nut and Screw. Solder onto the lower tenon receiver.
  • Item location: , CN
Bass Clarinet Low Eb pro Level Easy blowing great for student or pro Hard rubber
  • $Product Description The O’Malley Bass Clarinet to Low Eb The new O'Malley Bb bass clarinet which plays to the standard low Eb is smooth, quiet, durable mechanism. It features a double register key, adjustable neck for tuning, a left hand Ab/Eb key, a middle joint lock for consistent assembly, and a fly wheel to facilitate secure adjustment of the bass peg. It's tone is both resonant and warm, has an outstanding scale . It can be stored with the upper and lower joints assembled, thus reducing any possible damage or adjustment issues caused by having to assemble and disassemble the bass over and over. (Great for school use) Bass Clarinet This rich sounding instrument performs superbly in all performance situations – Symphony, Band, Jazz and Solo performance. This instrument has.
  • Item location: , US
Selmer C85 Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece 105 (unused item, old stock)
  • As a rule of thumb, the harder the reed a player uses, the narrower the tip opening can be. Model: C85 105. We have been asked: "I'm interested in this mouthpiece. Can I buy it and try it out with a mouthpiece cushion?".
  • Item location: BEACONSFIELD, GB
Conn-Selmer Bass Clarinet Ligature
  • Two screws keep the reed firmly in place. Sturdy, well-made and durable. Yamaha Tenor Sax End Plug Black Plastic. PICK UP OPTION. Pick up procedure is as follows Harmon Wow Wow Trumpet Mute. You might also like.
  • Item location: Mangerton, AU
D'Addario Rico RBC1C Bass Clarinet Selmer-style Mouthpiece Cap
  • Rico Bass Clarinet Cap The Rico cap features a soft, over-moulded plastic design. Each cap features rails that fit snugly against the mouthpiece. Made of flexible material, the Rico cap will not break or chip if dropped.
  • Item location: ROTHERHAM, GB
Selmer Paris Focus Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • The Focus has a smaller tip opening than the Concept (1.90mm) which makes the sound more concentrated and focused with a solid centre. Due the narrow tip opening the Focus will work best with harder reeds and is best suited to Chamber music.
  • Item location: MAIDENHEAD, GB
Selmer Paris Concept Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • Suitable for classical and modern repertoire. Hand finished in France. Highest quality ebonite.
  • Item location: MAIDENHEAD, GB
Selmer Concept Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece
  • Selmer Concept Bass Clarinet Mouthpiece. Bought on 22nd May 2021, used a handful of times but can’t get on with the very open lay. I put a mouthpiece patch on from brand new so there are no teeth marks. Sterilised with Sterisol. I paid £185.12 from John Packer, currently selling online for £193 Gear for Music, £166 Thomann, £190 Just Flutes. Comes with original pouch and box. No returns accepted. Will post signed for second class to ensure tracked delivery.
  • Item location: HIGH WYCOMBE, GB
Vintage Selmer/Bundy Bass Clarinet, Good Condition
  • Vintage Selmer Bundy bass clarinet in good complete condition. Does not have a mouthpiece. Serial number #57529 B. Has been cleaned with hand polished keys and pads all look good and seal properly. Has a school name carved on it as seen in last photo. Comes with it's original and case. Email me with any questions about item, shipping or payment options.
  • Item location: Marcellus, US
 Bo With  Clarinet Bb  Selmer Mouthpiece Sa In Vintage Student Bass Case
  • And it is satisfactory to use. From my collection. In any case if you are not satisfied with the product. I can to make you be satisfied! The clariet is in good condition and working well. This is a lovely item to own or to give as a special gift.
  • Item location: , MA
Selmer Paris saxophone strap tenor-baritone sax, black bass clarinet
  • In that case, the image of the product may be different from what we actually send you. Plug: TypeA. [ Electronics ].
  • Item location: , JP
Selmer bass clarinet ligature silver plated
  • Plump tone silver plate (silver plating) of the attractive finish. Plug: TypeA. [ Electronics ].
  • Item location: , JP
Selmer Paris bass clarinet mouthpiece concept Concept
  • By was the opening. Plug: TypeA. [ Electronics ].
  • Item location: , JP
Nonaka tenor saxophone,bass clarinet for plastic lead case Selmer log From japan
  • Rhino Naka Tena-Sakusofon ?. Basukurarinetto For Plastic Lead Case Seruma-Rogo Of 10?. Pieces For Blk. Very convenient place to find item information about Japan. We are located in Japan a suburban city of kyoto.
  • Item location: , JP
?Seruma- ? Pari Sakusofon ? Sutorappu Tenor -?? Baritone Sax Bass Clarinet Black
  • Pari Sakusofon ?. Sutorappu Tenor -??. Baritone Sax Bass Clarinet Black.
  • Item location: , JP
Selmer 7929 Strap Harmony Bass Clarinet Selmer
  • Strap Harmony Bass Clarinet Selmer
  • Item location: Richmond, US

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The Selmer Bass Clarinet Focus is a Mouthpiece For Bass Clarinet with a Modern design, Easy playability and play comfort, Centered tone, Very flexible, Trapezoidal chamber, Chamber music & Without reed screw and without reed capsule. The retail price is 150.85 £. Buy Selmer Bass Clarinet Focus at Thomann UK.


Tip opening1.90 mm
Facing length32 mm

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