Sadowsky SPB-2 Bass Preamp

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Bass Preamp

The Sadowsky SPB-2 Bass Preamp is a Bass Preamp with a EQ for bass +/- 13 dB boost @ 40 Hz & Treble +/- 13 dB boost @ 4 kHz.

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Name Kemper Profiling Amplifier Hea BundleTwo Notes Le Bass Dual Channel PreampOne Control Sonic Silver Peg Bass PreampOne Control Blue 360 Bass PreampTrace Elliot Multipedal TRANSIT-BOne Control Crimson Red Bass PreampMesa Boogie Subway Plus Bass DI-PreampSadowsky SPB-2 Bass PreampVox amPhones BassPalmer Pocket Amp Bass
Description Kemper Profiling Amplifier Head BK2-Channel bass tube preamplifierEffects PedalBass PreampEffects PedalBass DI PreamplifierBass PreampHeadphones with internal amPlug technologyBass Preamp
Weight5.32 kg-160 g-1.18 kg160 gApproximately 0.9 kg-230 g without batteries-
DesignDesktopFloorboardFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloor Effects PedalFloorboardHeadphoneFloor Effects Pedal
Amp Modeling
Integrated Effects
Headphone Output
Direct Out
MIDI Connector(s)
Integrated Expression Pedal
Connections for Pedals or Switches
Aux Input
Integrated Tuner
USB Connection
Controls--Mid - volume - tone--Gain, volume and brilliance---Bass, Mid Level, Mid Freq, Highs, Drive, FX Blend, Saturate and Volume
Dimensions--(W x D x H) 47 x 100 x 48 mm--(W x D x H) 47 x 100 x 48 mm----

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Bass pedals - Sadowsky SBP-2 preamp

Sadowsky Bass Preamp SBP-1


The Sadowsky SPB-2 Bass Preamp is a Bass Preamp with a EQ for bass +/- 13 dB boost @ 40 Hz & Treble +/- 13 dB boost @ 4 kHz. The retail price is 167.8 £. Buy Sadowsky SPB-2 Bass Preamp at Thomann UK.


Frequency range5 - 20,900 Hz
Total harmonic distortion (THD)0.18% @ 1 kHz
Output impedance1 kΩ
Input and output6.3 mm jack
Amp ModelingNo
Integrated EffectsNo
Headphone OutputNo
Direct OutYes
MIDI Connector(s)No
Integrated Expression PedalNo
Connections for Pedals or SwitchesNo
Aux InputNo
Integrated TunerNo
USB ConnectionNo

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