Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Ride

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The Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Ride is a Ride Cymbals with a Artisan Elite Series, Natural finish, Made from B20 bronze, Handmade, high-end series from Sabian,...

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Name Sabian 20" HHX Medium RideUfip 20" Bionic Series Heavy RideMasterwork 20" Custom Extra Heavy RideMeinl 20" Byzance Club RideMeinl 20" Byzance Medium Ride Brill.Masterwork 20" Custom Medium RideSabian 20" AAX Thin RideMasterwork 20" Jazz Master RideMasterwork 20" Resonant RideMeinl 20" Byzance Flat Ride
Description Heavy Ride20" Extra Heavy RideClub Ride CymbalMedium Ride Cymbal20" Medium RideRide Cymbal20" RideRide Cymbals
Hand Hammered
FinishRegular / TraditionalBrilliantRegular / TraditionalRegular / TraditionalBrilliantRegular / TraditionalBrilliantRegular / TraditionalBrilliantRegular / Traditional
AlloyB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 BronzeB20 Bronze
Material-B20 Bronze-B20 Bronze, hand-hammeredB20 Bronze, hand-hammered-----

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Sabian Artisan 20 Medium Ride Cymbal
  • Great sounding ride cymbal and works well as a crash.
  • Item location: DARLINGTON, GB
Sabian Artisan 20” Medium Ride
  • Sabian Artisan Vault 20” Medium Ride CymbalIn great used condition - no key holes, cracks or dents. Any questions please let me know.Open to close offers and ideally cash on collection.
  • Item location: SOUTHAMPTON, GB
Sabian Artisan Crash 20”
  • Introducing the Sabian Artisan Crash Cymbal, ideal for musicians who demand top-notch sound quality and performance. The Artisan series is known for its exceptional tonal quality and unparalleled sound projection, making it an excellent choice for professional musicians and beginners alike.
  • Item location: MOTHERWELL, GB
  • 20" Sabian Artisan Vault Light Ride Cymbal. Beautiful cymbal, selling to buy something else. Clearly used cymbal. Various tape residue remnants. Build up of dirt/patina - was never in my interest to clean these up. Left this way incase you prefer it. Slight red marks on top side. Perfectly working cymbal that sounds clean, bright & lively yet warm.
  • Item location: WICK, GB
Pre-Owned Sabian Artisan 20
  • When opened up, it provides a dynamic range suitable for both small and large performances. Material - B20. Autocrat Tension Rod 85 mm. Price:£4.95. You might also like.
  • Item location: NEWPORT, GB
Sabian Artisan 20
  • SOUND Dark. WEIGHT Light.
  • Item location: , GB
Sabian Artisan 20
  • A usedSabian Artisan 20" Light Ride Cymbal! About the Artisan Ride Don't Hesitate!
  • Item location: , CA

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Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Cymbal - 2152g - Played by Mark Guiliana (A2012EN-1041417I)

Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Cymbal - 1956g (A2012EN-1040618W)

Sabian Artisan Elite 20" Cymbal

Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Cymbal - 1968g (A2012EN-1121219S)

Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Ride - 1923g

Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Cymbal - 1917g - Played by Mark Guiliana (A2012EN-1041417H)

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Sabian Artisan 20" Ride Comparison: Elite, Light, Medium

Sabian Artisan Elite Ride Cymbal 20" 1942 grams A2012EN


The Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Ride is a Ride Cymbals with a Artisan Elite Series, Natural finish, Made from B20 bronze, Handmade, high-end series from Sabian, Hammering is very condensed together, Cymbal has been specially left unlathed, A flat bell ensures a bell tone that is more integrated into the overall tone cymbal & A dark and drier-sounding cymbal with lots of volume that builds up with continuous playing. The retail price is 404.65 £. Buy Sabian 20" Artisan Elite Ride at Thomann UK.


Hand HammeredYes
FinishRegular / Traditional
AlloyB20 Bronze

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