Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG review: specs & price

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The Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG is a Tube with a Open sound.

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Name Ruby Tubes 6550ASTR MPRuby Tubes KT66C MQRuby Tubes 6V6GTSTR MQ Tube 6V6GTRuby Tubes 12AU7CRuby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG+Ruby Tubes KT66CBugera 5881Bugera 5U4Bugera 6550BRuby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG
Description Matched 6550 ASTR Tube PairMatched KT66C Tube QuartetMatched 6V6GT Tube QuartetTubeTubeKT66C TubePower Amplifier TubesRectifier TubeTubeTube
Preamp Tube
Power Amplifier
Number Of Tubes2441111111

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The Ruby Tubes 12AX7WBC HG is a Tube with a Open sound. The retail price is 16.19 £.


Preamp TubeYes
Power AmplifierNo
Number Of Tubes1

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