Rtom Black Hole Add-On hooks review: specs & price

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Name LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing NutsDW SM2033 Cymbal Expansion ArmMapex AC906 Adapter for Hi-Hat on BDSonor BA12-S Basic Arm 12 285mmTama MRB 30 Boom ArmAquarian AQST4 Snare StripSonor Basic Arm Joint / ConnectionMeinl Silicone Protection CoverRtom Black Hole Add-On hooksMeinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps for 8mm
Description Wing NutsExtension ArmAdapterBasic Arm SystemBoom ArmSnare stripComplete Arm Screw ConnectionSilicone PadCap
Type of AccessoryWing NutExtension pipeHi-Hat / Bassdrum ConnectorBasic Arm SystemExtension pipePlastic BushingBasic Arm SystemCoverScrewCover
Delivery quantity-----2 Pieces---6 Pieces

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. The retail price is 12.19 £.


Type of AccessoryScrew

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LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing Nuts

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DW SM2033 Cymbal Expansion Arm

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Mapex AC906 Adapter for Hi-Hat on BD


Sonor BA12-S Basic Arm 12 285mm

Basic Arm System

Tama MRB 30 Boom Arm

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Aquarian AQST4 Snare Strip

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Sonor Basic Arm Joint / Connection

Complete Arm Screw Connection

Meinl Silicone Protection Cover

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Rtom Black Hole Add-On hooks

Meinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps for 8mm