RTM Leader Tape Red 1/2" review: specs & price

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Name RTM Leader Tape Green 1/2"ATR Magnetics Splicing Tape 1''RTM Leader Tape Red 1/2"RTM Leader Tape White 1/2"ATR Magnetics Master Tape 1/2" empty ReelATR Magnetics Master Tape 2" empty ReelRTM Trident Empty Reel 130 mmRTM NAB Empty Reel 1/2"Tascam NAB Adapter 1/2"ATR Magnetics Foil Sensing Tape 1/4''RTM Plastic Reel 26.5 cmRTM Leader Tape White 1/4"RTM Leader Tape Green 1/4"ATR Magnetics Splice Block 1/4" shortRTM Leader Tape Red 1/4"RTM Plastic Reel 18cmRTM NAB Empty Reel 1/4"Tascam NAB Adapter 1/4"
Description Empty ReelMaster TapeEmpty Reel Made of PlasticNAB Empty ReelNAB AdapterPlastic ReelLeader Tape White 1/4"Leader TapeLeader TapePlastic ReelNAB Empty ReelNAB adapter 1/4 "
Reel size----10.5 - 26.67 cm10.5 - 26.67 cm------------
Hub type----NABNAB PrecisionTrident---Trident----Trident--
Diameter------130 mm---26.5 cm----18 cm--
Colour--------Black---Green-Red--Light Grey
Length-----------250 m250 m-250 m---

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