Royer Labs SM-21 AxeMount review: specs & price

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Name DPA SM4000-CNeumann MNV 100 mtSD Systems CL-85Sennheiser MZW 80-ANTDPA DMM0015Kelly Shu Flatz Bass Drum Mount SM91Pauly P120 Adapter ConeRycote Invision INV-8Neumann MNV 87 mtRycote Invision INV-4
Description Microphone HolderMicrophone tilting deviceReplacement holder for LCM 85WindbreakBass drum microphone holder system for Shure SM91Adapter ConeUniversal swing mountAuditorium HangerUniversal swing mount
Component typeMounting BracketSpecial MountGoose Neck HolderWind ShieldClipSpecial MountSpecial MountPivot MountMounting BracketPivot Mount

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Royer Labs | SM-21 AxeMount
  • The AxeMount is the world’s first dual microphone mount specifically designed to pair the famous combination of a Royer 121 and 57 style microphone. The AxeMount fits most R-Series Royer microphones including: R-121, R-122, R-122 MMII, and the R-122V.
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Royer Labs AxeMount | SM21 - Dual Microphone Mount for 57/R-121 (

Unboxing The Axemount SM21 Dual Mic Clip

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Royer Axemount with Royer 121 and Shure SM57

Royer Labs Axe Mount - NAMM 2020

Royer AxeMount Dual Microphone Mount - Gearslutz @ NAMM 2002

【開封動画】Unboxing ROYER R-101 Ribbon Mic

Royer Labs Sling-Shock Shock Mount


. The retail price is 43.32 £. Buy Royer Labs SM-21 AxeMount at Thomann UK.


Component typeMicrophone Clamp

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