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Drum machine

The Roland TR-08 is a Drum machine with a Compact replica of the legendary TR-808 drum machine, Sound character, behaviour and user interface as the...

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Name Teenage Engineering PO-24 officeTwisted Electrons deton8Vermona Kick LancetElektron Model:Samples Cover BundleArturia DrumBrute Decksaver SetKorg Rhythm KR MiniMFB 301 ProArturia DrumBrute Creation EditionElektron Model:Samples Bag BundleAlesis SR16
Description Noise percussion drum machine and sequencer8-Voice Hybrid Sampler / Drum SynthesizerAnalog desktop kick drum synthesizerElektron Model:SamplesArturia DrumBruteCompact Rhythm MachineAnalog Drum ComputerAnalog drum machineBundle offer comprising:Drum machine
Sound SynthesisFM SynthesisSample-basedAnalogueDigitalAnalogueDigitalAnalogueAnalogueDigitalSample-based
Number of analog outputs111213111324
Headphone Connector
Mains Operation
Battery Operation
Dimensions-140 x 40 x 90 mm210 x 145 x 55 mm (W x D x H)----418 x 276 x 40 mm--
Weight-0.6 kg600 gApprox. 0.814 kg---2.58 kg-1.1 kg
Synchronization options----Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock (1 step, 2 ppq [Korg], 24 ppq, 48 ppq)--Internal, USB, MIDI, Clock (1 step, 2 ppq [Korg], 24 ppq, 48 ppq)--

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The Roland TR-08 is a Drum machine with a Compact replica of the legendary TR-808 drum machine, Sound character, behaviour and user interface as the original, 16-step sequencer / 16-sub-steps / 16 memory banks (12 x 16 pattern / 4 x 16 intro / fill-in), Programmable by classic "Step & Tap", Uninterrupted playing even when switching modes, LED display, 10 separate outputs via USB audio, Assignable trigger output for controlling external instruments, Solid metal construction, Contains Roland DK-01 Boutique Dock for adjusting various angles, Powered by 4 AA batteries or USB power & Built-in mini speaker. The retail price is 291.06 £.


Controls of the corresponding instrumentsTone, Level, Tuning, Decay, Compressor, Gain, Tune, Pan
Dimensions (W x D x H)308 x 130 x 51 mm
Weight (including batteries and boutique dock)1.3 kg
Sound SynthesisModeling
Number of analog outputs1
Headphone ConnectorYes
Mains OperationYes
Battery OperationYes

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