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Sampling Pad

The Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad is a Sampling Pad with a 9 Pads, 4 GB internal memory, 3 Multi FX, Large, backlit LCD display, Easy capturing and assignment...

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Name Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Case BundleAlesis PercPad Percussion PadRoland SPD-30 Octapad BundleRoland SPD::ONE ElectroRoland SPD-SX Pad + SKB 3i CaseRoland SPD-30 OctapadAlesis SamplePad Percussion Multi PadRoland SPD-30-BK Octapad BundleKAT KTMP1 MultipadRoland SPD-SX Sample Pad SE Bundle
Description Yamaha DTX-Multi 12Percussion PadRoland SPD-30 OctapadSampling PadBundle offer comprising:OctapadSample PadRoland SPD-30-BK OctapadMultipad / Percussion PadRoland SPD-SX Sampling Pad SE
Weight3.3 kg-3.8 kg900 g-3.8 kg-3.8 kg-2.5 kg
Number of trigger pads12481984849
Sampling function
Number of Trigger inputs3140241422
Playable with hands
Mix Input
USB connector
MIDI interface
Tone editing of sound--Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep--Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep-Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep--
Dimensions (W x D x H)--541 x 272 x 88 mm140 x 160 x 56 mm-541 x 272 x 88 mm---363.7 x 331 x 94.1 mm

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Roland spd sx sample pad

141£ 0 8 05d

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The Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad is a Sampling Pad with a 9 Pads, 4 GB internal memory, 3 Multi FX, Large, backlit LCD display, Easy capturing and assignment of audio data through Multi-Pad Sampling, USB functionality & Wave Manager software included. The retail price is 572 £.


Dimensions without mains adaptor (W x D x H)363.7 x 331 x 94.1 mm
Weight2.5 kg
Number of trigger pads9
Sampling functionYes
Number of Trigger inputs2
Playable with handsNo
Mix InputYes
USB connectorYes
MIDI interfaceYes

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