Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad Bundle review: specs & price

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Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad

The Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad Bundle is a Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad with a Octapad, Version 2, 8 Playing surfaces, Built-in extensive amount of sounds,...

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Name Yamaha DTX-Multi 12 Case BundleAlesis PercPad Percussion PadRoland SPD-30 Octapad BundleRoland SPD::ONE ElectroRoland SPD-SX Pad + SKB 3i CaseRoland SPD-30 OctapadAlesis SamplePad Percussion Multi PadRoland SPD-30-BK Octapad BundleKAT KTMP1 MultipadRoland SPD-SX Sample Pad SE Bundle
Description Yamaha DTX-Multi 12Percussion PadRoland SPD-30 OctapadSampling PadBundle offer comprising:OctapadSample PadRoland SPD-30-BK OctapadMultipad / Percussion PadRoland SPD-SX Sampling Pad SE
Weight3.3 kg-3.8 kg900 g-3.8 kg-3.8 kg-2.5 kg
Number of trigger pads12481984849
Sampling function
Number of Trigger inputs3140241422
Playable with hands
Mix Input
USB connector
MIDI interface
Tone editing of sound--Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep--Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep-Tuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep--
Dimensions (W x D x H)--541 x 272 x 88 mm140 x 160 x 56 mm-541 x 272 x 88 mm---363.7 x 331 x 94.1 mm

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The Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad Bundle is a Roland SPD-30-BK Octapad with a Octapad, Version 2, 8 Playing surfaces, Built-in extensive amount of sounds, Integrated 30 types of multi effects, EQ, limiter and seven ambience sound variations, Additional 4 dual trigger inputs as well as one hi-hat controler input, 600 Programmable sounds, storable on 99 sets, Built-in looper, 160 x 160 Pixel graphic, back light LCD, Black version & Zoom GFX8. The retail price is 639.69 £.


Tone editing of soundTuning, damping, attack, pitch sweep
Width541 mm
Depth272 mm
Heigth88 mm
Weight3.8 kg
Optional suitable bagArt.409195
Optional suitable caseArt.294621
Number of trigger pads8
Sampling functionNo
Number of Trigger inputs4
Playable with handsNo
Mix InputYes
USB connectorYes
MIDI interfaceYes

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