Roland FC-300 Bundle

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Roland FC-300

The Roland FC-300 Bundle is a Roland FC-300 with a MIDI Footswitch, 2 Expression pedals and 2 control pedals, Illuminated display for patch names (2 lines /...

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Name Markbass Multiamp MidiboardG-LAB MIDI 2x LooperEngl Z12Synergy R5 Midi PedalEngl Z-15Diezel ColumbusEngl Z9 MIDI Foot ControllerDV Mark Multiamp MidiboardRoland FC-300 BundleHarley Benton MP-500 Interface/Foot Control
Description Midi Board for all Markbass MultiampsMIDI FootswitchRobust MIDI FootswitchMidi control bar with 5 switchesMIDI BoardMIDI FootboardMidi Foot ControllerMidiboardRoland FC-300USB Audio Interface with MIDI Foot Controller
Two modesProgram Change and Control Change (+ Tuner & Tap Delay)------Program Change and Control Change (+ Tuner & Tap Delay)--
Dimensions (W x H x D)11.2 x 5.2 x 22 cm------11.2 x 5.2 x 22 cm--
Weight560 g-2.8 kg----560 g-980 g
Amount Of Switches8012512126898
Number Of Pedals000-000020
Connector For Expression Pedal

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The Roland FC-300 Bundle is a Roland FC-300 with a MIDI Footswitch, 2 Expression pedals and 2 control pedals, Illuminated display for patch names (2 lines / 16 characters), An additional 3 expression pedals or 6 footswitches can be connected, 2 "Amp Control" jacks for switching e.g. guitar amps, 4 Modes for various MIDI applications (Standard, Control, Sys-Ex, and Patch), 100 Sets of MIDI commands / parameters can be saved as patches - blocks of MIDI messages can be transferred easily with a foot pedal, Road-suitable metal housing, Includes 6 AA batteries, Boss PSA power supply available as an option, Roland FC300, Toneworks AX3000G, Tc electronic G-System, Vox Tonelab LE & Zoom GFX8. The retail price is 401.55 £. Buy Roland FC-300 Bundle at Thomann UK.


Perfectly suited for the new VG-99 and future Roland devicesConnection to LAN (Ethernet, CAT5) network cable, bidirectional transmission of MIDI data via newly developed RRC2 protocol (for example also the patch names), power supply of the FC-300
ConnectionsPower Supply (DC IN), MIDI IN, MIDI OUT, RRC2 OUT, AMP CONTROL 1, AMP CONTROL 2, EXP Pedal 3 / CTL 3, 4, EXP Pedal 4 / CTL 5, 8, MODE
Power supplyBattery (6 x AA Mignon), power supply (PSA-230) or via Roland device (RRC2)
Dimensions (L x W x H)550 x 240 x 80 mm
Amount Of Switches9
Number Of Pedals2
Connector For Expression PedalNo

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