Rode WS-NTG 3 review: specs & price

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The Rode WS-NTG 3 is a Windshield with a For NTG-3 (replacement).

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Name Sennheiser MZC 2-2 Beige PlatinumBubblebee Twin Windbubbles Grey 1Shure A189WWSShure A189BWSBubblebee Twin Windbubbles Beige 3DPA DUA0575Rycote Mini WindScreen f. Marantz PMDBubblebee Twin Windbubbles Brown 3Bubblebee Twin Windbubbles Brown 1Audio-Technica AT 8128
Description CapFur WindscreenWind deflectorWind deflectorFur Windscreen SetWindscreen basket setMini WindjammerFur Windscreen SetFur-windscreenFoam Windscreen
Component typeWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreenWindscreen
Contents-2 Pieces------2 Pieces-
Package quantity----2 Pieces--2 Pieces--

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The Rode WS-NTG 3 is a Windshield with a For NTG-3 (replacement). The retail price is 17.99 £. Buy Rode WS-NTG 3 at Thomann UK.


Component typeWindscreen

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Bubblebee Twin Windbubbles Grey 1

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Shure A189BWS

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Bubblebee Twin Windbubbles Beige 3

Fur Windscreen Set


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Bubblebee Twin Windbubbles Brown 3

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