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Extension Cable

The Rode SC1 is an Extension Cable with a For microphones with 3.5 mm TRRS connectors such as Rode smartLav and Rode smartLav+.

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Name Countryman H6 Cable Lemo 3pin dtDPA CH16C00Countryman E6 Cable Lemo 3Pin beigeSchoeps KC 10gbeyerdynamic Orbis CA OC 2Shure C129Sennheiser CL 10 PPSennheiser CL 5 PPShure EAC 9BKCountryman E6 Cable EW blackAudio-Technica P12186Sennheiser MKE/GZA B+K-Plugbeyerdynamic MVK N(CF) - TA4FSennheiser CL 1 PPSennheiser KA100-5-ANTAudix CBL-V360Sennheiser KA100S-5-ANTRumberger AFK-K1 Plus Cable for WirelessCountryman E6 2mm Cable Shure blackDPA CH16B00
Description Replacement cable for Countryman H6Replacement CableReplacement cableActive Collette CableConnector Cable For SHURE MX393Antenna CableAntenna CableExtension CableReplacement CableCables for Audio-Technica interface microphonesB+K ConnectorAdapter cableAntenna CableConnection cableCableConnection Cable for ME 102/104CableReplacement cable for Countryman E6Replacement Cable
ColourDark beigeBrownBeige---BlackBlackBlackBlackBlack--BlackBlackAnthraciteBlackBlackBlackBlack
Length-125 cm150 cm--4 m10 m5 m21 cm-7,6 m-1.5 m1 m300 cm-300 cm1 m150 cm125 cm
Diameter--1 mm------1 mm--------2 mm-

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Rode SC1 Cable

22.71£ 1 27d

Rode SC1 Cable

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The Rode SC1 is an Extension Cable with a For microphones with 3.5 mm TRRS connectors such as Rode smartLav and Rode smartLav+. The retail price is 16.32 £.


Length6 m

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