Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording review: specs & price

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Complete Vocal Recording set

The Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording is a Complete Vocal Recording set with a Rode NT-1 A large diaphragm microphone, Deluxe shock mount SM6 with fabric...

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Name Mojave MA-1000 MicrophoneSE Electronics RNTCharterOak SA538BPeluso 22 251JZ Microphones Vintage 12Brauner Phanthera VOktava Mk 102 MSP2 Silver Stereo PairGolden Age Premier GA-251Avantone BV-12Oktava MK 102 BlackOktava MK 101 SilverAudio-Technica AT4050STEhrlund Microphones EHR-MBrauner Phantom VBrauner VMXBrauner VM1 Pure CardioidPeluso 2247 LEBrauner ValvetBlue CactusSuperlux L401U
Description Large diaphragm condenser tube microphoneLarge-Diaphragm Condenser Tube MicrophoneLarge-diaphragm studio microphoneStudio tube large-diaphragm microLarge-diaphragm condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm MicrophoneStereo pair of Large Diaphragm Condenser MicrophonesLarge Diaphragm Tube MicrophoneLarge capsule tube condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneLarge-diaphragm condenser microphoneLarge Diaphragm True Condenser MicrophoneHigh End Studio Condenser MicrophoneLarge Diaphragm MicrophoneHigh-end large diaphragm tube microphoneTube microphoneStudio Tube Large Diaphragm MicroTube microphoneStudio Condenser MicrophoneLarge Diaphragm Microphone with USB
Switchable polar patternOmni, figure eight, cardioid----Spherical, cardioid, bi-directional-Cardioid / omnidirectional------------
Frequency response20 - 20,000 Hz (+/- 3 dB)-------20 Hz - 20 kHz----20 - 22,000 Hz-20 - 22,000 Hz20 - 22000 Hz20 Hz - 22 KHz--
Boundary sound pressure level120 dB with pad off, 135 dB with pad on--144 dB-------------142 dB SPL at 0.3% THD--
Dimensions194 x 51 mm--52 x 225 mm----237 x 46 mm---60 x 155 mm---58 x 235 mm---
Weight0.45 kg--620 g----800 g230 g260 g-340 g---855 g---
Switchable Polar Pattern
Low Cut
Shockmount included
USB Microphone
Frequency range-20 - 20,000 Hz25 - 20,000 Hz-20 Hz - 20 kHz20 Hz - 22 KHz-20 - 20000 Hz--20 - 20,000 Hz20 - 18,000 Hz7 - 87,000 Hz------20 - 20,000 Hz
Sensitivity-16 mV / Pa-----16 mV / Pa-----28mV / Pa-cardioid---28mV / Pa / cardioid--34 dBV / Pa (20 mV / Pa)
Max. SPL-151 dB---142 dB SPL @ 0.3% THD--136 dB-122 dB (for 0.5% THD)---142 dB SPL @ 0.3% THD-----
Directional characteristics---Omnidirectional, cardioid and figure eight----------All-----
Nominal impedance---50/200 ohms------------200 ohms---
Directional characteristic----Cardioid----------Cardioid----
Output impedance----50 Ohm-150 Ohm--150 Ohm150 ohms---------
Length------123 mm--123 mm165 mm---------
Colour------Silver---Silver--------Black gold
Signal-to-noise ratio-------85 dBA------84 dB (1 Pa / 1KHz-cardioid)-----
Polar pattern----------Cardioid-Cardioid---Omnidirectional, cardioid & figure-8---
Signal to noise ratio-------------86 dB (1 Pa/1 KHz cardioid)-85 dB (1 Pa / 1 kHz)-83 dB (1 Pa / 1 Khz / cardioid)--
Accessories-------------Elastic mounting, aluminium case---Elastic microphone spider, aluminum case--
Amplifier Type--------------Ultrawide--Ultrawide, Ultralinear, Class A--

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The Rode NT1-A Complete Vocal Recording is a Complete Vocal Recording set with a Rode NT-1 A large diaphragm microphone, Deluxe shock mount SM6 with fabric pop filter, 6 m XLR cable, Dust cover bag, Gold-plated output contacts & 48V Phantom power. The retail price is 139.05 £.


Output impedance100 Ohm
Dimensions (H x W x D)190 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight326 g
Switchable Polar PatternNo
Low CutNo
Shockmount includedYes
USB MicrophoneNo

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