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Condenser Microphone

The Rode M3 is a Condenser Microphone with a Ideal for recording strings, choir and acoustic guitars, 130 dB SPL, 21 dBA Inherent noise, 48V Phantom power or...

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Name Oktava MK-012 Capsule MSPSchoeps Mono-Set MK 22Shure R189W-A WhiteTelefunken M60 FET Cardioid Stereo-SetOktava MK 012 Cardioid Cap MSP SilverJZ Microphones BT-201/3Schoeps Stereo-Set MK 22JZ Microphones BT-201/3S Matched PairEhrlund Microphones EHR-DSchoeps Stereo-Set MK 21
Description Hyper-Cardioid Capsule Matched PairCMC-622 SetMini-Shotgun Microphone CartridgeCondenser Small Diaphragm Microphone Stereo Set2 Microphone CapsulesSmall Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneMicrophone Stereo SetConsists of:Small Diaphragm Condenser MicrophoneRobust High-End Condenser MicrophoneMicrophone Stereo Set
Battery Powered
Directional Microphone
Stereo Pair
Switchable lowcut
Switchable pad
CharacteristicHyper-cardioidCardoidHyper-cardioidCardoidCardoidCardoidCardoidBall, cardioidCardoidWide cardioid
Polar pattern-Wide cardioid-Cardioid---Cardioid, open cardioid and open cardioid -20dBCardioidWide cardioid
Frequency response-40Hz - 20kHz50 - 17,000 Hz-------
Sensitivity-10mV / Pa-33 dBV-------
Dimensions---140 x 21 mm-161.5 x 24 mm-161.5 x 24 mm53 x 95 mm-
Weight---119 g----170 g-
Diaphragm-----13 mm-13 mm--
Frequency range-----20 Hz - 20 kHz-20 Hz - 20 kHz7 - 87,000 Hz-
Output impedance-----50 ohms-50 ohms--
S / N Ratio DIN / IEC 651 A-weighted-----82 db-A-82 db-A--
Maximum SPL 0.5% THD at 1000 ohms-----140 dB-140 dB--
Weight with capsule-----140 g-140 g each--

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The Rode M3 is a Condenser Microphone with a Ideal for recording strings, choir and acoustic guitars, 130 dB SPL, 21 dBA Inherent noise, 48V Phantom power or battery power (9 V battery), Robust metal housing, Elastic mounted 1/2" capsule, Switchable high pass filter, Switchable preattenuation (-10 dB/ -20 dB) & Incl. wind shield and clamp. The retail price is 69.67 £.


Polar patternCardioid
Frequency range40 - 20,000 Hz
Output impedance200 Ohm
Length225 mm
Diameter33 mm
Weight360 g
Battery PoweredYes
Directional MicrophoneNo
Stereo PairNo
Switchable lowcutYes
Switchable padYes

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