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Damping caps for LEDs

The Rockboard LED Damper Large is a Damping caps for LEDs with a Amp-style pilot light design, Attenuates too bright and dazzling LEDs, Suitable for LEDs...

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Name Aalberg Audio Aero AE-1 Wireless ControllerRockboard PatchWorks Solderless Cable 6Cioks Stack Flex type 4Rockboard PatchWorks Solderless Cable 3Cioks 1022 Stack Flex Type 1Cioks 5030 Flex 5 CableCioks 5050 Flex 5 CableElectro Harmonix Pedalboard CradleCioks 6050 Flexi 6 CableMooer Candy Footswitch Topper Orange
Description Wireless ControllerAudio CableAdapter CableAudio CableAdapter CableElectric CableElectric CablePedal MountingConnection Cable for 9V batteryCap Set for Footswitch
Length-6 m50 cm3 m50 cm30 cm50 cm-50 cm-
Braided, tinned copper screen-6 x 16 / 0.12 mm-6x 16 / 0.12 mm------
Working temperature--15 ° C to + 70 ° C--15 ° C to + 70 ° C------
Diameter-4 mm-4 mm------

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Rockboard LED Dampers (Large) Pack of 5
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ROCKBOARD Jewel LED Damper, Small - Defractive Cover For Bright Leds, 5 Pcs
  • Have you ever been blinded by the blazing light on stage? Not by the sweet glow of the spotlights of the boards that mean the world, no, but by the cold shine of the LEDs on your pedalboard? Now there is a solution. The RockBoard LED Damper are light-refracting caps for LEDs that dampen dazzlingly bright LEDs on your pedals. The LED damper are available in two sizes (small and large) to darken bright LEDs on your board. The darkening, refractive dome in the Amp-Style Pilot Light design diffuses the light from the LEDs so that the status display can still be seen both in daylight and in the dark. They fit on status LEDs with or without bezels. The LED dampers are coated on the underside with a high-quality self-adhesive film, so that they remain firmly in place while they are doing their jo.
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The Rockboard LED Damper Large is a Damping caps for LEDs with a Amp-style pilot light design, Attenuates too bright and dazzling LEDs, Suitable for LEDs with or without bezel - maximum exterior diameter 10 mm, maximum height 3 mm & Self-adhesive. The retail price is 12.08 £.


Set contents5 Pieces

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