Rockboard ISO Power Block V10 review: specs & price

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Name Dunlop ECB-004 UKMooer Multi-Plug Power AdapterRockPower Power Supply RP NT 4 EUElectro Harmonix 18DC-500 EU Power SupplyZoom AD-16F UKMooer Wall Adapter UKRockPower Power Supply RP NT 13 EUArtec DK18Rockboard Power Ace 9V PowerRockboard Power Ace Set / 9V Power
Description Power SupplyPower Supply for Effect DevicesSwitched-Mode Power SupplyOriginal Power AdapterUK Power AdapterPower Supply for Effect Devices with UK plugSwitched-Mode Power SupplyPower SupplyPower Supply For Effects DevicesMultitrack For Effect Devices
Output current in mA150 mA2000 mA300 mA500 mA55 mA2000 mA2000 mA1000 mA1700 mA1700 mA
9 V
12 V
18 V
Secondary voltage
Multi-output power supply
Polarity-Minus inside, plus outside---Minus inside, plus outside----
Input voltage--100-240 V---100 - 240 V---

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. The retail price is 107.23 £.


DC/AC currentAC/DC
Output current in mA2000 mA
9 VYes
12 VNo
18 VYes
Secondary voltageYes
Multi-output power supplyYes

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