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Tom Tom Drum Head

The Remo 15" Vintage Emperor Coated is a Tom Tom Drum Head with a White, coated vintage Emperor® drum head, Made with 2-ply coated 7.5-mil Mylar® material,...

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Name Aquarian 15" Force Ten ClearRemo 15" Emperor White SuedeRemo 15" Emperor Colortone RedRemo 15" Emperor Colortone OrangeRemo 15" Emperor Colortone YellowRemo 15" Emperor Colortone GreenAquarian 15" Jack De Johnette SignatureRemo 15" Renaissance EmperorRemo 15" Diplomat CoatedRemo 15" Skyntone Coated
Description DrumheadDrum Head for TomTom Drum HeadTom Drum HeadTom Drum HeadTom Drum HeadSnare / Tom Tom HeadTom Tom Drum HeadDrum HeadDrum Head for Snare or Tom Tom
Type Of HeadDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlyDouble PlySingle PlyDouble PlySingle PlySingle Ply
FinishSmoothTextured, CoatedSmoothSmoothSmoothSmoothSmoothSmoothTextured, CoatedTextured, Coated
Damper Ring

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Remo 15
  • Vintage A the head that changed the world in 1957! Constructed of 2-ply 7.5- and 3-mil polyester film, this drumhead changed the art of drumming around the world as the first successful alternative to calf heads.
  • Item location: , GB
Remo 15
  • Using Mylar, a synthetic polyester film for drumheads, Belli was able to copy the look of a calfskin head, with a white and opaque look. Drum Head Size: 15". Drum Head Type: Snare/Floor Tom. 2 plies of 7.5-mil clear film.
  • Item location: , GB
Remo 15
  • A reissue of the first Remo Emperor® drumhead that changed the art of drumming in the late 1960’s. Constructed of 2-plies of 7.5-mil polyester films, they feature sensitivity and snare response of the Coated Emperor, accentuated mid and low frequencies and increased durability.
  • Item location: , GB
Remo Coated Emperor Vintage 15 Inch Drum Head
  • Available in sizes 8" - 18". The Largest Display of High End Snare Drums in the USA. The most durable in the Remo line of Emperor drumheads. Drum Of Center. Buying high end drums should be fun. Drum Heads.
  • Item location: Portsmouth, US
San Remo Italy, Beach Holiday Advert printed on a New Metal Sign
  • For outside use I suggest that you drill holes and secure your sign with screws or nails. Sticky pads are supplied for you to adhere your sign to the wall. I can create your very own customised image!
  • Item location: BARNSTAPLE, GB
Italy, san remo vintage albumen print tirage, Italy albumen 10x15 ci
  • Italie, San Remo. Format (cm): 10x15. Type : Tirage albuminé. Italie, Château Buon Consiglio à Trente. Van Lint, Italie, Porte de la Cathédrale de Pise. Vie de la Vierge. Toutes les photographies vendues sur ce site sont des tirages originaux d'époques, sauf indications contraires.
  • Item location: Pagny-sur-Moselle, FR
Italy Panorama Of San Remo Photo Plate 7x15 CM Stereo Vintage 1906
  • San Remo Italy Italia Vintage stereo plate 1906 7x15cm Original vintage stereo photograph on positive glass plate  Original stereo photography Vintage glass positive   SHIPPING worldwide  _gsrx_vers_603 (GS 6.9 (603)).
  • Item location: , FR
Italia 1919 Ships at San Remo Harbor Postcard 15 Centesimi stamp Vintage
  • Stamp: 15 Centesimi. City/State: San Remo. San Remo 3/9.1919. Country: Italia. Size (approx.). : 3.5" x 5.5" (9 x 14 cm). Aspor 10 din Kinglehon. to, ie us to bude aut tray Signon.
  • Item location: Harvard, US
Plate clip
  • Item location: Kerpen-Horrem,-Türnich, DE
Italy san remo panorama photo plaque 7x15 cm stereo vintage 1906
  • Photographie originale stéréo d'époque sur plaque de verre positive.
  • Item location: Paris V, FR
Italia, costumi san remo Brogi vintage albumen print tirage albumen 15x20
  • Italia, Costumi San Remo Brogi. Italia, Costumi Genova Noack S. Annunziata. Italia, Costumi Roma étude champétre. Italia, Costumi Roma Alinari Guardia Svizzera. Italia, Costumi Genova Noack Galleria Mazzini.
  • Item location: Pagny-sur-Moselle, FR
Italy, view of san remo vintage albumen print tirage albumen. 15x28 1
  • Format (cm): 15x28. Italie, Vue de San Remo. Italie, Verona, Basilica di San Zeno. Type : Tirage albuminé. Italie, Bologna, Torre Asinelli à Garisenda. Italie, Firenze, Ratto di Polissena, loggia dei Lanzi.
  • Item location: Pagny-sur-Moselle, FR

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The Remo 15" Vintage Emperor Coated is a Tom Tom Drum Head with a White, coated vintage Emperor® drum head, Made with 2-ply coated 7.5-mil Mylar® material, The sound is warm with emphasised mids and bass & Extra durable. The retail price is 17.69 £. Buy Remo 15" Vintage Emperor Coated at Thomann UK.


Type Of HeadDouble Ply
FinishTextured, Coated
Damper RingNo

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